PF says will arrest and charge Zambia Watchdog editors with treason

PF says will arrest and charge Zambia Watchdog editors with treason

The Zambian government has announced that it will close the Zambian Watchdog and charge its editors with treason. But the Watchdog is reliably informed that the renewed vigour to stop the Watchdog is because this publication has made it impossible for the PF regime to push propaganda since their praise singers the Post Newspaper is no longer selling.

After heavily suppressing the opposition political parties, civil society organisations, the church, and other opposing views, dictator Michael Sata’s government has a new-years’ resolution – hunting down and close all on-line publications, especially their worst enemy, Zambia Watchdog (this publication).

Alcoholic Zambia’s Home Affairs minister, Edgar Lungu told the state owned and PF controlled ZNBC that the owners will be charged with treason, a capital punishment in Zambia that carries a death sentence.

The PF government since coming to power has been hunting the Zambian Watchdog and has issued several threats and ultimatums which have so far yielded nothing.

But Mr. Lungu has today (January 2, 2013) openly declared war and that 2013 is the year to get the Zambian Watchdog which has proved a pain to the ruling PF dictatorial regime that is bent on suppressing any opposing views.

Information with the Watchdog has so far shown that many people have resorted to reading the Watchdog after the Post Newspaper that was previously the voice for the voiceless has joined hands in suppressing voices opposed to their dear leader – Michael.

Sources said the Post newspaper, the PF mouth piece, circulation and influence has hit an all time low resulting in the company recruiting its own vendors because the owners cannot believe that readers, especially urban dwellers have lost interest in the paper.

It is reported that from close to 40,000 copies everyday, the Post is only selling about 11,000 copies per day, Zambia Daily Mail has surpassed the Post at 19,000 while Times of Zambia is the lowest only selling 9,000 copies daily.

Earlier this year, the Watchdog published a security service survey that proved that the publication was the most influential. Check story here.

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