PF says will arrest and charge Zambia Watchdog editors with treason

The Zambian government has announced that it will close the Zambian Watchdog and charge its editors with treason. But the Watchdog is reliably informed that the renewed vigour to stop the Watchdog is because this publication has made it impossible for the PF regime to push propaganda since their praise singers the Post Newspaper is no longer selling.

After heavily suppressing the opposition political parties, civil society organisations, the church, and other opposing views, dictator Michael Sata’s government has a new-years’ resolution – hunting down and close all on-line publications, especially their worst enemy, Zambia Watchdog (this publication).

Alcoholic Zambia’s Home Affairs minister, Edgar Lungu told the state owned and PF controlled ZNBC that the owners will be charged with treason, a capital punishment in Zambia that carries a death sentence.

The PF government since coming to power has been hunting the Zambian Watchdog and has issued several threats and ultimatums which have so far yielded nothing.

But Mr. Lungu has today (January 2, 2013) openly declared war and that 2013 is the year to get the Zambian Watchdog which has proved a pain to the ruling PF dictatorial regime that is bent on suppressing any opposing views.

Information with the Watchdog has so far shown that many people have resorted to reading the Watchdog after the Post Newspaper that was previously the voice for the voiceless has joined hands in suppressing voices opposed to their dear leader – Michael.

Sources said the Post newspaper, the PF mouth piece, circulation and influence has hit an all time low resulting in the company recruiting its own vendors because the owners cannot believe that readers, especially urban dwellers have lost interest in the paper.

It is reported that from close to 40,000 copies everyday, the Post is only selling about 11,000 copies per day, Zambia Daily Mail has surpassed the Post at 19,000 while Times of Zambia is the lowest only selling 9,000 copies daily.

Earlier this year, the Watchdog published a security service survey that proved that the publication was the most influential. Check story here.


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    Big Man 5 years

    Edgar Lungu the idiot who needs to register himself in an Alcoholics Anonymous program is the one talking? I’m sorry but since when do we the Zambian people listen to drunks because he his obviously under the influence right now!! Why does the government continue to hire alcoholics and keep them on the job. Kabimba is another corrupt individual and we have proof of his ways but he is still on the job and preaching about other people’s involment in corruption yet he is the one who should have been kicked out of office the minute we found out! Edgar Lungu and Kabimba… your time is up with immediate effect. Pack your bags and just leave.

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    Meme 5 years

    Chi Edgar Lungu,

    Odl lawyer with no idea of ICT

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    matokoso 5 years

    Let this drunkard start with Mmembe first.

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    Bullu Muchende 5 years

    ZWD continue letting the people know who these clowns really are.these morons think they can supress the peoples voices,now they know what the masses think of them rubber stamps riding a plane on auto the way can lungus wife please get him some colgate,his teeth look rusty or is it the residules of chibuku stuck between his teeth.he looks so gross

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    Please ba PF don’t think that this is the zambia of 1980s you used to intimidate people without any say ,things have really changed.
    You will be shocked one day that not even a KAPONYA will dance to your DONCHI KUBEBA.

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    Kolwe Mwana Kolwe 5 years

    Dream on bane. you are entitled to dreaming

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    Ba Edgar just continue drinking your beer ,when you leave your job you will need this space to air your views,RB was going to be president now had he accepted the 51% clause,alsa you have fallen in the same trap.

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    BAKALAMBA 5 years

    just idiotic thinking

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    dennice 5 years

    I really think the minister mentioned a specific firm to be closed, however, lets see where this issue is going. Isaw the news and he was just saying and calling on all journalists to be professional and be ready to be accountable for there publications especially where individuals are concerned.
    chalo cheesuuuu………..lets develop it.


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    Analysit 5 years

    Rebasing our kwacha – YES but who is keeping the old currency which is still legal tender up to June 2013 and who supervises its destruction after
    PF Bank of Zambia workers or better called cadres mop it up through commercial banks? My fear is that this corrupt PF government can recycle this money once or more times back into the economy to empower it,s cadres or sponsor by-elections or buy more disgruntled members from opposition parties before actual destruction is done. OPPOSITION PARTIES, NGOs and CITIZENS wake up and insist on forming a committee of stakeholders the will ensure PF does not cash in. This is no wonder KK only allowed 2-3 days for change of money and by the time it came to bank of Zambia it was no longer legal tender and that avoided possible recycling. In 6 months PF will definately recycle old money to kill democracy and create wealth among its members and party as a whole

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    Dan Shamboshi 5 years

    ZWD; I support you, but you are a bit extreme. Too much insults and less professionalism. Remember they are in power and it is easy to silence us. I enjoy your blogs, trully but please be professional; that means make sure your stories are based on imperical data, you can defend them in court and on the death bed!

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    Makono kaya 5 years

    You know we had a real new year blessing come true in our compound last night, No power black out since Christmas can you imagine!
    So I was really paying attention to all manner of detail on the small screen….then came “onolebo Lungu” talking about ZWD and lecturing us about treason, you wonder how many people are committing treason these days if that is true, how many leaders must be locked up?????
    The talk is quite loud out there, that the Post is Past, no longer the paper that digs deeper….but burying deeper.
    I dont blame Fred though, he is running a business, but talking about banning the ZWD???
    Are we not shooting some ones foot?
    The people in my area want two things out this year, Zeesco and PF, am not too sure about new wars with on line publications, just leave them alone brother Lungu, you are pushing your luck too far.

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    The watchful eye 5 years


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    big papa 5 years

    Its sad that after supporting PF, and other opposition parties, the watch dog today is being Vilinified by the PF. Advice to PF, yOU CAN NOT SUPRESS THE VOICES OF THE PIPO. JUST DO WRIGHT TO THE PIPO NOT CLOSING DOWN THE MEDIA. sHAME PF

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    Puzillo 5 years

    PF and it’s drunk minister have lost the plot. This lungu will be referred to the international criminal court.

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    Woman of Substance 5 years

    This sounds like ‘Bar Talk’! Treason? He obviously must have been drunk or is he predicting his imprisonment after the fall of the PF? Grow up Edgar and quit the beer!

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    Reasonata 5 years

    Glad to hear that the post is no more.For years they couldn’t publish letters that held a different view from theirs.Come to think of it ..they still believe in socialist principles. Promoted a new look of President Kaunda ..And now the PF..

    but the resilience of the zambian people will never be underestimated ..kuya bebele..

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    Its a pity and shameful if they resort to such measures, my humble advice to the govt is to work hard and fulfil the promises then these online media wil have nothing bad to report. What is the fear?

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    Viva ZWD,Be rest assured that u ar here to stay. Dont mind alcoholic danderhead Lungu.Pipo like Lungu are stinking on the faces of many meaningful zambians-the chap is an enemy of democracy.

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    pj 5 years

    We rely on yu Zwd I assure yu i cannot spend a single day without read Zwd,pliz don’t be scared of satan soldier on.

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    THE SAINT 5 years

    The Peasant Revolt.
    The French Revolution.
    The Boston tea party.
    The Mfecane.
    The Bolshevik revolution.
    The Arab Spring.
    Man always frees himself.

    • comment-avatar
      bamba 5 years

      Unless you are backed by the Americans…re: S.Arabia,Oman,Bahrain,Dubai, etc etc.Hypocrisy!

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    chipo hapeza 5 years

    Mmembe is Just another small devil in the earth.selfish mediocre and very useless deceiver.He disgusts me

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    Edgar come to Mukushi so that we reconcile

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      Bullu Muchende 5 years

      kikikikiki i like this one

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    Doing fine u dog idiots. This pf govt we heavly supported has failed us lamentably. They pf starts to silence everyone. Pls ba watchdog tamba imbwa keep it up. Without u zambians were got to be getting one sided news since the post is now a govt mouth piece

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    Mumba 5 years

    Happy new year the PF government

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    This govt is amazing how fast they have run out of ideas how to govern this nation. What is their agenda kashi?

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    I cant believe this is happening 5 years

    People have graduated from from Fred m’membe’s theories. they want something new. The post has tought the lessons.

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    Chivunda Samusungwa 5 years

    When a dictatorship has lost popular support of the people it oppresses it always resorts to desperate measures to silence all dissent.
    Michael Sata found a free press and a relatively free society when he became president.But all that we are seeing now is the suppression of freedom of speech,the banning of opposition party rallies, PF political violence during by-elections and many other unconstitutional acts which,in a genuine democracy,would have resulted in the impeachment of Michael Sata;in fact that’s why he wants to have a rubber-stamp parliament which will safeguard his position.
    The Zambian Watchdog should continue with its noble cause of informing the oppressed Zambian people about all that is going on here so that next time they will not make the same mistake of voting for a character like Sata.Zambia needs a president with a statesmanship;we need a president for ALL Zambians and not just for Muchinga,Luapula and Nothern provinces.In any case Sata got less than 50% of the votes cast,therefore he cannot claim that he won by a landslide.
    If the PF party wants to copy the leadership style of Robert Mugabe, it should consult Kaunda about what happened in the late 1980s when UNIP went too far in mismanaging the affairs of this country.

    Chivunda Samusungwa.

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    nshilimubemba 5 years

    I think zambians are now happy about the economy as no one now minds about now it is just about politiking people talk about things that matter not about individuals talk about jobs industry profits from mines loans for building houses etc

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    nshilimubemba 5 years

    Offenders are afraid if you not why bother just do what is right there is no need to panik

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    We will not tolerate that nonsense from th .pf. what you want to start is just war against zambians

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    Mufana Wamahafu 5 years

    ha ha ha ha ha I cant help but laugh. Can a drunkard who owns chibuka tarverns in Chawama compound, a crooked lawyer whose practicing certificate was suspended for theft of client’s monies, a rascal who was assauted by the police for public nuisance( urinating at a school wall fence in public view)and randy alcoholic who, not so long ago was busy hammering Zimbabwean in Chawama compound tell us how he’s going to do what Andeleki, GBM, Given Lubinda, Sakeni and Sata with all the state billions have failed to do. Please Ba Kaminamisa, tell us how?

    • comment-avatar
      Mzilikazi 5 years

      kikikikikikiki…. anatundila chiumba!!!! Ni kupusa uku Edgar! And u r heading the Cops who whiped u when u were urinating on the wall….

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    Saul 5 years

    I will not be suprised because this site has never said anything good about Micheal and the PF.

    • comment-avatar
      human 5 years

      What niceties do you want to hear. We should say them if they are done.

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    So post is falling ka?? Dont mess with us. When we say no more post, we mean it!
    ZWD fela!!

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    kenjay 5 years

    It appears Lungu was drunk as usual.The idea of him losing the benefits he is enjoying now scare the hell out of him, zambians are not interested in empty pronouncements deliver on your campaign promises otherwise kuya bebele. Also be ready to answer charges for the crimes you and your stupid president are committing now if you do not die from drunken stupor.

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    Advocate 5 years

    Closing media sources is not the issue. But meeting what was promised and good governance is what is important. A clever fool should instead listen to what people say in the media and make amends than choking the media like the Watchdog.

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    Manzi yapya 5 years


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    Nabsco 5 years

    Sata must learn [email protected] such a crusade will only finish him. He can’t fight the media, he’ll only coz the birth of more media outlets. Instead let PF & Sata focus on meeting their obligations & deliver [email protected] they promised. Zambian history will reveal [email protected] such machinations only yield more resistance. Sata learn from yo history pliz b4 U embarrass yoself

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    Someone mentioned corruption in education yes I agree him/her there is total corruption in education if looked into it we going nowhere.

    My brother went for interviews in Livingstone with good results (12 points ) and everybody knew he will be picked but but to our suprise he was not , they just picked those who had poor results but with money .

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    Iam outside zambia but am able to know what is happening in the country through ZWD.

    You are failing to capture the notorious MAILONI Brothers now you want to finish your anger on ZWD ? the cite which is every body’s favourite ? no no no no !!!!!!!!!!! Do you want to fight with God ?

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    2720 5 years

    We need zambianwatchdog.all you journalists get united, we are behind greatest apology to chanda chimba your prophecy has been fufilled.people we cant be taken back when apples were only for political leaders.

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    Straight Talk Zambia 5 years

    Lungu must concentrate on drinking and not scheming to deny us information. What he is planning to do is characteristic of a failure. Do the right things and the ZWD would not have the juicy stories they publish. It is really hurting that a government in this day and age can want to work so hard to curtail freedom of information. It is more often than not our critics that build us. Those that praise us will continue to praise us even when it is absolutely clear we are contradicting ourselves.

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    Zambian Watchdog, continue with the check and balances.
    These PF are on the path of destruction, easily forgotten why they were elected by the people, busy working to close the ZWD on tax payers money.
    Time has caught up with their lies of 90 days and the POA can’t work on the Zwd. No matter what,how,where and when, the POA has no value to this site, please infinitly expose these recycled liars.
    The time they will realise that they can’t close ZWD will be at elections. Wasting time and resources, the watchdog shall always be here.
    PF will leave power and the watchdog will continue prevailing. Real soon, the PF will be in opposition and the same watchdog they are tirelessly trying to close, will be their help for freedom of expression.
    PF don’t insult the Doctor/Witchdoctor before you are healed.
    Otherwise, PF time is not with you if you are busy denying people freedoms of expression and assembly. The same POA will be applied on you when you will be in the opposition.
    Unlike PF’s ways of destroying democracy and other political parties, once in opposition, your MPs, if at all you will have any, will never taste a post of being elected deputy minister. The reason is that, you will be re-cycled. This is the last party of recycled to rule this country, as recycled will not be permitted to running from and to any other party.
    Let psycho mata be the last re-re-recycled and outdated politician to lead a country, as they all intend to be dictators, full of corruption and only electing relatives to most top govt positions because of primitivity tribalism.
    ZWD, continue with your blessings of revealing the truth as well as speaking for the marginalised poor Zambians. Bite them hard.

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    w.kabimba 5 years

    I agree with the govt but I dont like them I hate ur not practicing professional Journalism.

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    Observation Point(OP) 5 years

    Is closing ZWD in national interest? Was that the motive of pushing ZICTA to start the sim registration? Close the Post instead. This is a window of the people while Post is only for Fred, Edgar chakolwa, and baz-out Micheal.