Did Elijah Zulu and lover really drown in a shallow swimming pool?

Two adults drowned in this swimming pool?

Two adults drowned in this swimming pool?

The most ‘juicy’ story currently doing the rounds in Zambia is that a married man who was cheating on his wife drowned in Siavonga together with his lover, a student at Evelyn Hone College in Lusaka.

The man is named as Elijah Zulu and the girlfriend As Zodie Dube. Parallel information indicate that at the time of his death, Zulu left a three month old baby with his wife.

It has also been reported that students at Evelyn Hone College held protests against married men who pick ‘vulnerable’ girls from that college.

The story was reported that a Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) customs officer on Thursday drowned with his lover who was teaching him how to swim at Siavonga’s Manchinchi Bay Lodge.

Zulu was transferred to Kariba  from Lusaka International Airport and was supposed to start working there officially.

According to Machinchi bay Lodge management,  after having dinner in the night, the couple decided to go swimming in the pool located within the premises of Manchichi Lodge.

It is said that the woman decided to take the man to the swimming pool in order to teach him how to swim but that while learning how to swim, the man failed to contain the pressure and started drowning forcing the woman to struggle with him in an effort to rescue him, leading to both of them drowning.

The bodies were retrieved at 23 hours.

That is the story of immorality and adultery which to many people is an act of God punishing the evil does.

But how true is this story? What is not in dispute is that the couple died. But how did they die?  How possible is it for two adults to drown in a swimming pool surrounded by building occupied with people?

‘The woman decided to teach the man to swim.’ Who said this? Did any one hear the two arrange to go and swim? ‘The man failed to contain the pressure.’ Who saw him? And that person who saw and recorded all that, where was he or she standing? And why didn’t that person help the drowning couple?

How deep is the swimming pool at that lodge? How many people, if any, have drowned before in the same pool? Don’t they have life savers? Where was the guard?

What was Elijah’s job description before being transferred? What assignment was he on before being transferred?

Wasn’t there an issue of drugs a few weeks ago where the law enforcement agencies working with ZRA bust a huge consignment?

Will there be a postmortem to determine the actual cause of death for those those two?

Watch this space for answers to those questions.

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