Didn’t Lungu benefit from student allowances ?


Dear Zambia,
please kindly read this.
This is in reference to the closure of university of zambia and copperbelt university.
First of all this has just potrayed that the government is weak at resolving matters other than calling on kaingu and her daughter to discuss matters of the university to an extent of shutting them down and secondly it shows that learning is not among the priorities for the government but they shouldnt worry much elections are around the corner.
now let the truth be told. maany have received false news by being told that the students at the university of zambia went out of hand to riot with the police forcing the polce to start braking doors and arrestign students but thats all false information. the truth of the matter is that the money we received blaf money from the government the students gathered to question the president when the next money will be in and the president responded that he was not aware because he was not updated about it and seems like the government had other finacial commitment. this forced the students to go and block the roads but within a short period the police arrived. the students then went inside gathered by the monk squre and began to sing, later the police came in and started breaking doors to pick innocent students, some of them who were just sleeping un aware of what was going on.
Even if the government didnt close the universities the lectures would have gone on go slow due to their late delayed payments, another tatctic by the government to cover this up. again the government couldnt have come in the open to tell us that they needed the money for eclections which they will fail.
Members of the Public the government always drafts a budget and the students meal allowances are included. most of this money is donar funded but why can they say that they do not have money then what is the use of their budget. Ask lungu if he did not benefit from the same meal allowances because the meal allowances are what have made him become who he is now. Mr president you have forgotten your roots, where you came from.
The students are saying enough is enough, it is time to call for action.. pc has printed T-shirts for students that we love lungu – say no to riots instead of again using that money for development. wevalue our education and we want to get back to our books.
I appeal to the government that they need to resolve this before its too late. you treated us like animals by sending the police to beat us and by sending the cadres then you gave people false information to make us look bad but all we can tell you is that kuya bebele..


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