130 Diocesan Catholic Priests demand return of Fr. Banyangandora

130 Diocesan Catholic Priests demand return of Fr. Banyangandora

While deporting other priests, Sata seen here shaking hands with other Catholics on Wednesday

A Statement from the Association of Zambian Diocesan Catholic Clergy on the deportation, by the Zambian Government, of Fr. Viateur Banyangandora to Rwanda

To all Catholics and men and women of goodwill in Zambia!

  1. We, the 130 Catholic Diocesan Priests gathering in Chipata for the National conference from 7th of August to 9th of August 2012 hereby re-affirm contents of the statement issued by Right Reverend George Cosmas Zumaile Lungu, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Chipata.
  1. Fr. Viateur was ordained in 2004, for Chipata Diocese in which he has been working. Most of us studied, lived, and also worked with him. We know him as a good priest and a man of peace and integrity. He is a member of the Association of Zambian Diocesan Catholic Clergy (AZADCC), and has been an effective and committed member of the same since his ordination to the priesthood.
  1. Following his deportation and reasons given by the Zambian Government, we the Local Catholic Priests are surprised and not satisfied with the grounds given. We have the official communication from the diocese of Ruhengeri in Rwanda that Fr. Viateur has been found with no case to answer by the Government of that country.
  1. We therefore, propose the following roadmap on this issue:
  1.                     i.            The government to seriously consider revoking the deportation order for the sake of unity;
  1.                   ii.            The government to issue substantive statement that will explain what really happened for our brother to be deported;
  1.                 iii.            The government to engage the Catholic Church in Zambia, to promote harmony in the Church-State relations;
  1.                 iv.            We earnestly urge the government to address the real issues that are today affecting the poor people like marketing of Maize, Cotton, and other agriculture produce.
  1. In conclusion, regardless of what has transpired, we, the Diocesan Catholic Priests in Zambia, shall continue our prophetic role of preaching the Gospel, and reconciling the people of our country, and promoting dialogue, without fear of intimidation or persecution.

We implore the Catholic Community and Priests in Chipata Diocese, and all the people of good will, to remain calm, peaceful and prayerful during this time of waiting for Fr. Viateur’s return.

May the Good Lord bless and guide us through the intercession of our Mother Mary.

Issued this 8th day of August 2012 at Chipata by:

The Association of Zambian Diocesan Catholic Clergy

Original issued and signed by the following


  1. Fr. Clavel Mulenga BC
  2. Fr. William Mulunga
  3. Fr. Chimfwembe Justine
  4. Fr. Eugene Kalungu
  5. Fr. Rodgers Mulenga
  6. Fr. Joseph Mpundu
  7. Fr. Felix Chishimba
  8. Fr. Kondolo Chandalala
  9. Fr. Anthony Bwalya Tambatamba


  1. Fr. Peter Bwalya
  2. Fr. Justin Matepa
  3. Fr. Teddy Chilufya
  4. Fr. Telesphore Kalunga
  5. Fr. Jeff Mutale
  6. Fr. Vito C. Milandile
  7. Fr. Benjamin Chisulo
  8. Fr. Lawrence Chibwe
  9. Fr. Richard Kangwa


  1. Fr. Pius Kainga
  2. Fr. Felix Chifumbe
  3. Fr. Moses Kambobe
  4. Fr. Clement M. Kangwa
  5. Fr. Mathews C. Katwai
  6. Fr. Francis Katoloshi Mambwe
  7. Fr. Musonda B. Francis
  8. Fr. Mathews Ngosa
  9. Fr. Moses Mwansa



  1. Fr. Bwembya Katunasa
  2. Fr. Stanley Mulenga
  3. Fr. Hervey Katanga
  4. Fr. Kelvin C. Bwalya
  5. Fr. George Kaoma


  1. Fr. Sydney Lubinda
  2. Fr. Ndumba D. Likomeno


  1. Fr. Callistus K. Kabindama
  2. Fr. Mubanga Kennedy Jones
  3. Fr. Fumbelo Patrick
  4. Fr. Kaingu Mwangelwa
  5. Fr. Andrew I. Wakwinji
  6. Fr. Muliya Gregory Nyambe
  7. Fr. Francis Wakunguma
  8. Fr. Sanjobo Eric Nawa
  9. Fr. Ignatius Nawa
  10. Fr. Kwaleyela Peter
  11. Fr. Mate Austin K.
  12. Fr. Ngosa Michael



  1. Fr. Paul Mubiana
  2. Fr. Imasiku D. Ngalama
  3. Fr. Bruno Hamukali
  4. Fr. Lumamba Claude
  5. Fr. Emmanuel Kayombo
  6. Fr. Daniel Mwayanguba
  7. Fr. Jeffrey Tembo



  1. Fr. Clement Muyunda
  2. Fr. Robbie Andrew Bbakasa
  3. Fr. Athanasius Mtefura
  4. Fr. Jackson M. Nyanoka
  5. Fr. Cletus Mwiila
  6. Fr. Sithole Charles
  7. Fr. Cleared Mooya
  8. Fr. Gerald Mwiinga M.



  1. Fr. Emmanuel M. Ichidi
  2. Fr. Solomon Tembo
  3. Fr. Collins Moonga
  4. Fr. Peter Banda
  5. Fr. Maybin Nshinga
  6. Fr. Melvin B. Zingani
  7. Fr. Chakhala Banda



  1. Fr. Kabwiri M. Rodgers
  2. Fr. Musonda Ted Mwape
  3. Fr. Philip Nyakasaka Phiri
  4. Fr. Melicious Chongo



  1. Fr. Jacob Zulu
  2. Fr. Lungu Phanuel
  3. Fr. Andrew Chenjerani
  4. Fr. Gabriel Kwaku Mwanza
  5. Fr. Gabriel Msipu
  6. Fr. Christopher Sakala
  7. Fr. Lawrence Sakala
  8. Fr. Patrick Banda
  9. Fr. Moses M. Ndhlovu
  10. Fr. Dominic Jere
  11. Fr. Abraham Mshanga
  12. Fr. Cleophas Lungu
  13. Fr. Mathias Banda
  14. Fr. Lazarus Nyirenda
  15. Fr. Daniel Banda
  16. Fr. Mark Yoyo
  17. Fr. Victor P. Banda
  18. Fr. Felix Chakoka
  19. Fr. Evans Miti
  20. Fr. Kamlewe Bonaventure
  21. Fr. Mark Kaingo Mwale
  22. Fr. George D. Banda
  23. Fr. Isaac TP Zulu
  24. Fr. Patrick P. Nkhoma
  25. Fr. Evans Sakala
  26. Fr. Osric Banda
  27. Fr. Gabriel Nyoni
  28. Fr. Peter Sam Phiri
  29. Fr. Lameck Francis Simoya
  30. Fr. Mathias Mchona
  31. Fr. Benard K. Zulu
  32. Fr. Richard A. Njovu
  33. Fr. Vincent Daka
  34. Fr. Aaron Kapunula
  35. Fr. Odron Tembo
  36. Fr. Dominic Kamlendo
  37. Fr. Aston Tembo
  38. Fr. Peter Kwerani Banda
  39. Fr. Ackangel Nkhata
  40. Fr. Azele Banda

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