Dipak Patel demands apology from Lungu

The UPND has called on PF Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu to publicly apologize for the remarks that were issued during a rally in Kabwe that UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema is a Satanist.
And Mr. Lungu has been called upon to condemn this incident, as well as to commit to campaigning based on issues and mutual respect between candidates, rather than personal attacks.
UPND Campaign Manager Dipak Patel has told QFM News in a statement that on Wednesday 24 December Judge Mwila Chitabo ruled in favour of Mr. Hichilema in the interim injunction restraining Mr. Lungu, PF Secretary General Davies Chama and Bishop Edward Chomba from making further false allegations against the UPND Presidential Candidate.
Mr. Patel says his party respects Acting President Guy Scott for his apology and they do wish to believe that it is sincere.
Mr. Patel notes that the absence of Mr. Lungu’s apology as Party President and his silence on the matter equates to condoning this violation of the electoral code of conduct.
He says Judge Chitabo agreed that the comments made by Bishop Chomba under the watch of Edgar Lungu and Davies Chama at the Kabwe rally, constituted a defamatory statement that could lead to irreparable damage for the UPND candidate.
He reveals that Judge Chitabo has granted ex-parte that the defendants are restrained from publishing or causing to be published any defamatory words against Hakainde Hichilema.
He adds that if the defendants do not comply within the written orders they shall be liable to committal to prison for contempt of court.
Mr. Patel says the interim injunction shall continue until an inter-parte hearing that is set for the 31st December.

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