Dipak says independent observers should be on ZAF choppers carrying ballots

We commend the ECZ for allowing observers into their restricted results receiving rooms for the first time in the history of our country. We now want to encourage and urge them to do more in order to increase transparency in the electoral process and calm public anxiety. We are therefore calling on the ECZ to make public information concerning when, where, and how all election materials are arriving. This would be in line with the process for ballot papers for which we have observers in place. For all materials there should be a clearly set out process of inspection with representatives from all the contesting political parties.

Further, if the ECZ is committed to transparency then they should allow independent and third party observers to travel on all ZAF plans and helicopter that will transport ballot papers and the results thereafter. If the passenger capacity of ZAF planes and helicopters would make this impractical then we would propose the ECZ consider the Christian Council Monitoring Group (CCMG) among others who could serve as independent observers in this capacity.


Dipak Patel

UPND Campaign Manager

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