Diplomat Misapa fired at Rupiah Banda’s request

Deputy ambassador to Sweden Maynard Misapa has been fired at the ‘request’ of former president Rupiah Banda.
President Edgar Lungu has since replaced Misapa with playboy Antony Mukwitwa as ‘counselor’ at the Zambian embassy in Stockholm.
Rupiah Banda is exercising huge influence on Lungu and is advising him to place relatives in key positions for his own safety. Just yesterday he ‘advised’ Lungu to appoint Irene CHIRWA Mambilima as chief justice. Irene Chirwa’s husband Mr. Mambilima comes from Petauke.
Rupiah Banda has a personal grudge against Misapa.
Misapa is a former MMD MP for Mporokoso.
In December 2010 when Rupiah Banda was still president, he fired Maynard Misapa from his portfolio of Sports Deputy Minister. Banda accused Misapa of compromised himself with the opposition Patriotic Front, then in opposition.
Banda said Misapa was in contact with the P.F for two months before he decided to relieve him of the ministerial position.
According to President Banda Misapa had been given a lot of money by the Patriotic Front.
Misapa reacted by resigning as MP and from the MMD to join PF.
When the PF won in 2011, president Sata sent Misapa to Sweden. Now that Rupiah Banda is controlling PF, Misapa has been sorted out.

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