Diplomats warn Lungu on his promoting tribal hatred

Some Members of Western diplomatic community have visited while others phoned President Edgar Lungu and warned him against fomenting and indirectly supporting tribal divisions in the country through some of his senior party officials.

Diplomatic sources have revealed that the western countries were very concerned with the reckless statements and actions that have been generated by Senior PF officials and singled out PF Secretary General Davies Chama, his deputy Mumbi Phiri and others as being the main culprits of causing and fomenting tribal divisions in the country for their own survival.
“Some who have called president Lungu have been very categorical that he was treading on a dangerous path of pitying one tribe against the other and even demanded the dismissal of PF Secretary General Davies Chama and some senior officials such as Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili. They have warned him of the consequences of his actions together with that of his officials that many African countries have to date not fully healed from what begun as tribal hate speeches with some resulting in nasty consequences based on ethnicity divide sentiments,” sources revealed.
They have pointed out that already there is brewing tension in the country based on ethnicity tension especially from Western Province that wanted to secede but Lungu was now allowing his officials to openly attack other ethnic groupings as a way of dividing the country for his own political survival.
The Western countries have further threatened withhold bilateral and multilateral support in various sectors of the country’s economic sectors such as health, education, and budget support for 2016 if Lungu does not fully address the ongoing political violence, abuse of Public Order Act, abuse of public media houses which are so far bent on causing strife in the country.
“They have fully noticed that what he says in public are merely rhetoric statements because underground he is the one championing the evil schemes against opposition leaders and pitying tribes against each other. As you know they also have their own intelligence systems in these countries and now really getting concerned with Lungu’s conduct which was championing civil strife in the country.
Recently the Western donors have had meetings with key opposition figures such as UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, MMD President Nevers Mumba and Post newspaper editor Fred Mmembe.
The Western countries are also getting fed up with the ongoing of limiting political space for other political players in the country using the Public Order Act while PF officials were freely going round the country championing hate speeches against other people instead of addressing the critical national issues such as the economy.

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