Disabled minister Chilangwa bitter about MMD abuse

Luapula province PF chairperson Nixon Chilangwa has expressed bitterness at MMD president Nevers Mumba for abusing him because of his disability, which he claims does not affect him.

According to the pro PF Post newspaper, the MMD accused Chilangwa who is also home affairs deputy minister of using his disability to gain political sympathy. The newspaper reports that during a public rally, MMD supporters were chanting “ichilema” slogans while dancing and limping in apparent imitation of Chilangwa.

Chilangwa later issued a statement saying that he had managed to overcome the stigma associated with his disability when he was a child and does not get affected in any way.

“If Nevers Mumba and his campaign team want to make my disability a campaign issue, that is not a problem, they are welcome because I am not ashamed to have a disability and Mumba and his team should know that I have overcome the stigma of disability since I was a child and I don’t even feel it,” Chilangwa stated.

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