Discarded Hapunda says will remain in PF with his father Sata

Press Statement From Brian Hapunda

Thank you to His Excellency President Michael Sata

I wish to thank His Excellence President Michael Chilufya Sata for having had appointed me to serve him and the Ruling Patriotic Front – PF as PF Political Secretary for Southern Province, a position I held for 1 year 5 months until Revocation of my Employment by the President on 30th July, 2013.

My appointment by the President as PF Southern Province Political Secretary at a tender age of 29 years goes to show the confidence the President has in young people in Zambia and his willingness to work side by side with young people to govern this Country.

I wish to urge my fellow young people in Zambia to come forth and continue to support the able Patriotic Front Party and his Excellence President Michael Chilufya Sata who is so passionate about the plight of the young people and general Citizenary in our Nation.

Young people are the leaders of today and tomorrow hence need not waste time on unprogressive Political Parties which mean nothing to them!

As young people, we must work under senior Citizen Politicians/leaders so as to get the much needed leadership skills needed for National leadership.

Due to the close working relationship I shared with the President, I describe him as a loving father, seasoned and visionary Politician who knows exactly the needs of its citizens and is driving this Country in the right direction.

Going forward, I wish to categorically state that I will remain a loyal member of the Patriotic Front – PF and support fully His Excellence President Michael Chilufya Sata and his able style of leadership.

I will continue to work for my Party in Southern Province as an ordinary Member of PF so as to strengthen the Party in the Province. I will continue with my Party mobilisation programmes in Southern Province working under various Party structures.

Brian Hapunda
PF Member

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