Discontent among PF members may cost PF victory in 2016 – Mwanza

The Young African Leaders Initiative has observed that there is a lot of discontentment in the ruling PF because President Edgar Lungu has continued to appoint MMD and UPND members into key government positions.

YALI Governance Adviser Isaac Mwanza said some founder members of the PF feel sidelined by President Lungu’s pattern of appointing opposition members into government.

Mr Mwanza warned that this has the potential to cost President Lungu the 2016 election.

He said the resignation of Miles Sampa as Commerce Deputy Minister could be a tip of the iceberg and shows that there is a lot of discontentment within the PF.

‘What is happening is that some original PF members are living like garden boys whilst those that were rejected by the Zambian people are now eating with the King,’ Mr Mwanza said.

‘From our analysis, the level of discontent might cost President Lungu victory in next year’s election,’ he said.

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