Disgraced,now Kapata plans to send PF thugs to Namwala

Disgraced,now Kapata plans to send PF thugs to Namwala

After the evil scheme to go and demonize UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in Namwala, PF Mandevu MP elect Jean Kapata has directed district commissioner Mary Sakala to ensure that the 48 UPND cadres ‘rot’ in prison.

Yesterday, Kapata took some other PF leaders to Namwala with foodstuffs to donate to PF cadres being paraded at Namwala secondary school as victims of ethnic violence, when they are actually fishermen failing to catch fish.

Readers might recall that just before elections, some people in Namwala were paraded on ZNBC as people whose land had been grabbed by Hakainde Hichilema. Most of those people are the same ones being paraded as victims of ethnic violence. A check by the Watchdog shows that most of the people at the so called camp are fishermen who migrated to Namwala temporarily to catch fish but stocks in the Kafue river have been depleted so the fishermen and their families are stranded and therefore willing to be used by the PF, at a fee of course.

Ask yourself this, there are so many civil servants in Namwala such as teachers, medical personnel, agricultural officers etc who are non Tonga; but how come, of all the so called victims, non is a civil servant but people who appear to have no proper identification? Yet, if there was ethnic targeting, civil servants will be the easiest to identify.

To validate her evil plan, Kapata will mobilise PF cadres from Mandevu and unleash them on the fishermen at Namwala secondary school before the court ruling on their bail application next week Tuesday so that the state will have an argument that if the UPND cadres are released, there would be mayhem in the area.

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