Disgusted citizen asks why Matibini is keeping Siamunene in parley illegally

Not so long ago, the Lusaka High Court dismissed the application by Siavonga Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene to stop UPND from expelling him from the party. Consequently, UPND wrote to Speaker of the National Assembly, Mwangala Matibini, asking him to declare the Sinazongwe seat vacant.

If my memory serves me right, Siamunene hasn’t dashed to seek recourse from the Supreme Court; in fact UPND is contemplating dragging the speaker to court for failing to declare the seat vacant.
Why is the Speaker therefore dawdling over this matter?
Without any doubt, failure by Speaker of the National Assembly to declare the seat vacant serves to give credence to the crescendo of whispers that Matibini is probably in cahoots with the executive to perpetuate Siamunene’s illegal stay in office or the executive is simply interfering with the legislature. In fact this goes to confirm assertions from certain quarters that Sata is presiding over a very intolerant government keen to disregard or meddle in the affairs of the other arms of government – specifically the judiciary!
What do you make of government’s decision to block our former President Rupiah Banda from travelling out of the country despite our courts ordering his passport to be released?
In case fellow citizens may misconstrue this article as an attempt to defend Banda; this is far from it, but rather an effort to interpret this government’s penchant to desecrate our laws with impunity!
To add weight to this assertion; recently, Siamunene was in Siavonga addressing a series of meetings which even a toddler at Kindergarten can deduce as nothing but a campaign trail.
When addressing a gathering at Siamvemu Basic School in Sinazongwe’s Malima area, where he handed over a hammer mill to Buka Bwacha Tubeleke women’s club (as reported by the PF propaganda publication – The Post), Siamunene appealed to the residents to allow him to lobby for development in the area before the end of his term in office.
Why is Siamunene already handing-out hammer mills and pleading with the electorate in Siavonga to allow him lobby for development before the end of his term in office? Doesn’t this show that he is already campaigning?
The District Commissioner Dodo Sindaza, who is supposedly a civil servant, was also on hand to eulogize and endorse his candidature. This is what he said at the same function, “the first consignment of maize is already in the district. We expect some more later, this relief food has come about after the MP Mr. Siamunene lobbied.”
Are the executive and legislature allowing Siamunene to clandestinely use government resources to campaign or hoodwink the electorates that he is the best available candidate by pampering them with gifts, and when the coast is safe and clear, the Speaker shall duly declare the seat vacant?
By the time that the Electoral Commission of Zambia will pretend to announce the date for the polls, Siamunene would already have beaten bush-paths to every village in Siavonga and hence disadvantaging the other potential candidates. This isn’t just a mockery, but utter fraud!
It is disappointing that while all this is unfolding in our beloved country, the Church, civil society and other interest groups can afford to remain silent when the case was different during Banda’s rule.
Disgusted Citizen


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