Disingenuous Kaunda and his Scheme for the Panji Presidency

By Bwembya Mutale

Despite our dear Dr. Kenneth Kaunda (KK) insulting our Zambian democracy at the PF rally in Kitwe yesterday, I beseech the country to unconditionally forgive and ignore our “consistently inconsistent” old man again insulting the intelligence of Zambians with such borderline impunity. Empirically Dr. Kaunda is on a self-humiliating assignment though publicly posturing to be doing it in good faith for President Sata, he is shoving it for the Presidency of his son Col. Panji Kaunda to take over from Sata.

KK is untrustworthy shifting careerist political sand dangerous to follow. When did President Sata become a rational political actor as KK is vainly shoving it on our throats today? We have a philosopher without a philosophy in KK. Look at a trail of failures in his Presidency. His biggest problem is failure to intelligently think and act rationally in the best interest of the country.

After arbitrary destroying our national economy and taking a humiliating rejection in 1991, the old man has been on this trail of self-destruction. No statesman or democrat can say what he said at his PF party rally in Kitwe. It is no surprise that 22 years on, KK has lamentably failed to come up with his memoirs despite successfully conning many serving African Presidents and Governments from China to Nigeria, Angola, Malawi to South Africa for donations to produce his memoirs to nowhere.

How can a normal person say President Sata is a just leader when he is taking every ngwee earned from North Western province resources to only develop Muchinga province at the expense of all provinces?

How does a normal Zambian say Sata is a just leader when we have over 100 Zambians suffering as political prisoners in jails on a day of a country’s historic jubilee celebrations when their only sin is challenging a pathological liar on his lies?

How does a normal Zambian say Sata is a just president when all jobs and opportunities have become preserves of his family forestry and fellow geriatrics leaving Zambian youths disillusioned and hopeless across the country?

How does a normal Zambian say Sata is a just president when plunder and lies have become trademarks of a useless insensitive regime to the masses?

Doesn’t Dr. Kaunda see the Sata Presidency is the most divisive and quickly dragging our country into a dangerous direction? The country is on the verge of fragmenting into some autonomous states to the likes of South Sudan and now Barqa out of Eastern Libya. Despite all the wealth out of the NW province other than craters and dust they are left with, what can they point at that their resource rich province has created other than delivering new universities, hospitals, roads and telecom infrastructures across Muchinga province? Is this KK’s One Zambia one nation or love your neighbor as yourself?

We find hope in ourselves as Zambians because KK who is now insulting the intelligence and tolerance of every Zambian, is just another political parody without serious following in the critical mass of disaffected Zambians. It’s really sad that the consistently inconsistent old man has degenerated himself into such dangerous irredeemable irrelevancy levels instead of ending as a statesman.

KK cannot see that President Sata has become Zambia’s biggest liability to national, unity, peace, stability, security, and the much longed for national transformation with tangible development for the common good.

Will President Kaunda only realize our disdain for the Sata circus the day a national critical mass will revolt openly again this regime? Youths, retirees, workers and business small scale entrepreneurs are all disillusioned and about to implode.

Regardless of what he wants from President Sata, KK needs to be careful with his flattery and schemes designed to secure the Panji Kaunda Presidency.

Zambia deserves moral leadership than this circus.

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