Dismissed ECZ Director Chomba faces divorce, eviction

Dismissed ECZ Director Chomba faces divorce, eviction

Disgraced former ECZ Elections Chief Chomba Chella will soon find himself roaming the streets homeless, single and free to mingle.

Chomba was fired last week for engaging in illicit activities with one of his juniors.

His long suffering wife has finally given up and has vowed to divorce him.

Chella who lives in his wife’s house in Ibex Hill has on several occasions been forgiven by his wife, a business lady.

A family source has told the Watchdog that his wife has slumped into depression following the exposure of his adulterous ways.

His wife has since ordered the weightlifting former elections boss to vacate her house pending divorce.

Even after earlier being suspended from work on April 29, 2019 for engaging in corporate incest with dismissed Director, Electoral Operations Chana Kaunda Kazembe, Chomba continued his chigololo antics at GrandDaddy’s in Ibex and a reserved strategic stool at the edge of the bar for perfect viewing of incoming female traffic.
Chella and Chana engaged in steamy ‘doing’ escapades whereever ECZ assignments took them to chiefly Dubai where electoral materials have been printed in the recent past.
His wife recalls how faithful and a family man Chella was when he was just an employee at the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue (ZCID) and changed overnight when he started travelling and getting better pay at ECZ.
Chella has continued pleading for forgiveness but his wife has put her foot down, she is headed to court for divorce.

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