Disposed kabimba’s man Goodson Banda regains his position, to address media today

Barely a day after PF chief of confusions president Michael Sata himself called for an end to squabbles and formation of parallel structures in the party, disposed PF Lusaka Chairman Goodson Banda seems claimed to have regained back his position and has called for a press briefing today at Court Yard Hotel in Lusaka at 10:00 hrs.

Writing on his Facebook wall, Mr. Banda said “as Chairman of PF Lusaka District am inviting you all to a media press briefing at the Court Yard Hotel at !0:00hrs.

It is not clear when PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s man Goodson Banda regained his seat as Lusaka District Chairman because ailing dictator Sata publicly recognised coup leader Robbert Chikwelete as the new Lusaka District Chairman during a function in Chawama.

This was after Chikwelete was all over the streets demonstrating for the removal of Mr. Kabimba as PF Secretary General.

But Kabimba and vice-president Guy Scott have not recognised Chikwelete as new Lusaka District party chairman labelling him as a mere conman.

This is despite the fact that when Mr. Sata arrived back from his medication in UK, he again called out Robbert Chikwelete as Lusaka District Chairman and immediately wanted to shake his hand for the confusion he has been causing on the streets of Lusaka.

Yesterday, the Zambianwatchdog reported that there was a written memorandum of understanding between Kabimba and Mr. Sata for a secret power transfer to him (Kabimba) that was witnessed by former Zambian dictator Kenneth Kaunda.

Despite calls for his resignation, Kabimba has stack his guns and insisted that he would only wait for a reaction from the appointing authority Mr. Sata himself.

It is now very clear that kabimba actually knows what he was doing with his hard line stance because he was ready to expose Mr. Sata’s lies to the nation and later expose the massive corruption going on in the PF government.

Kabimba is so far on record saying there was massive corruption in the PF government and Mandevu MP Jean kapata has since written to the party calling for him to be disciplined not knowing that Sata fears kabimba like a fat girl in front of a rapist.

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