Dispute erupts in Sata’s hastily declared Ngabwe district.

A stakeholders meeting scheduled to determine the proposed district boundaries for the newly created Ngabwe district in Central province was disrupted after two differing groups turned up claiming they were both representing the Ngabwe Royal Establishment.

Sources close to the Chiefdom told the Watchdog that ailing dictator Michael Sata in his quest to rig the recently held Kapiri elections, met Ignatius Kashoka as Chief Ngabwe and proceeded to declare the area a district despite a Highcourt case going on in which Kashoka’s ascendancy is being challenged as he is not the rightful heir.

Kashoka has been dragged to court by Idon Koni who is also claiming the throne and the matter is awaiting High court ruling.
Sata’s move has angered a number of people in the chiefdom who have also accused Kashoka of being cruel and full of disrespect.

The meeting was disrupted after Agripa Kalilenge stormed the conference hall where he introduced himself as a Chairman of the Ngabwe Royal Establishment to the disapproval of the seating Chief Ngabwe, Ignatius Kashoka.

Kalilenge and his group claimed that the Ngabwe chieftaincy throne was vacant as the case to determine the rightful heir to the throne was still active in court and insisted that Kashoka was just masquerading.

“Kashoka is claiming to be chief just because President Michael Sata met him when he visited the area last month… now he thinks the government has recognized him as chief Ngabwe,” Kalilenge said during the meeting at Namakuba Lodge in Kapiri Mposhi.

This annoyed Kashoka who stormed out of the meeting demanding that he would not attend the meeting until the rival group led by Kalilenge were removed.

The meeting was delayed for over three hours until it was rescheduled to Thursday.

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