‘Dissolve parliament and remove dictator from state house’

‘Dissolve parliament and remove dictator from state house’

Dear Editor,

Since Sata came to power over two years ago. He has unleashed the Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 07.36.26worst dictatorship not seen in over twenty years.

The brutality and awesome savegary inside the Patriotic Front disqualifies Sata to rule Zambia.

His failure to hold a press conference speaks volumes about the disdain and luck of respect he has for the people of Zambia. To him we are too useless to be listened to by the mighty Micheal Chilufya Zondwa Sata.

The opposition leaders and private citizens are routinely arrested on trumped up charges and thrown into filthy and over crowded Zambian prisons on the orders of this ruthless despot .

Sata has unleashed a silent war aimed at humiliating and disgracing our traditional leaders the chiefs. This reckless conduct has a potential to destroy our age old traditional heritage.

Sata in his usual arrogant and uncouth manner has refused to release the draft constitution to its true owners the Zambian people.

Hiding under the state house bed, Sata routinely gives disjointed and impractical orders that have wrecked havoc to our economy. Today the Kwacha is becoming as worthless as the Zimbabwean dollar.

The agcriculture sector has been so mismanaged that, our food security is under serious threat.

Sata is a Chumbu Munshololwa and will not listen to reason. Therefore there is only one way to deal with this despotic and deranged leader.

The Opposition and progressive PF Members of parliament should all resign from the national assembly. When this happens the house will
dissolve itself and general elections shall be held within 90 days.

I know what I ask is difficult and painful. However if Sata is not stopped and stopped now the only shelter we will find in Zambia will
be rabble and chaos.


Tikambenji Banda

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