District Commissioners and their misguided roles

May I categorically state that the Office of the DC is a copper bullet directly into the brain of the Patriotic Front Government vis-a-vis the 2016 elections.This is so because they are at the grass roots; meaning that the way they handle Civil Servants at District Level is of immense significance.They are supposed to govern the affairs of people with maturity, adherence to job description and technocracy.But the opposite appears to be the case.These DCs perceivably cannot distinguish between theirs and other civil servants’ job. These DCs possess no guidelines with regards to their modus operandi. A DC is a political figurehead who should operate along his/her prescribed benchmarks at district level.
However, it is profoundly surprising that DCs have  now become  Police Officers Commanding Districts (OCs). DCs now request Officers In-Charge of Police Stations for Everyday Occurrence Accounts/Updates. These Incidence Reports are purely police data for protecting property; preservation of life; detection of crime; arrest of criminals and crime prevention proactive measures and not otherwise.Officers-In-Charge of Police Stations are subjected to receiving instructions and orders from DCs who threaten them of transfers and retirement in either National or Public Interest.
DCs are now using police officers as their house boys, whom they can call any time with orders even on petty issues of no criminal basis.This trend is unfounded and despicable.
The aetiological factor for this kind of unprofessional behaviour exhibited by these DCs is their education level. Most of these DCs have not attained tertiary education but were hand-picked into office on the ground of being cadres as opposed to qualification and this attribute has contributed to the narrow-mindedness in their level of analysis and conceptualizations. Subsequently, their concept of the world is undoubtedly limited in time and space.
In conclusion, my appeal to the Minister of  Home Affairs( Mr. Lungu, Edgar)  is for him to seriously consider tabling this issue of infringement by DCs with the Republican President and other stakeholders. It is also important for the Police High Command not to sit pretending that all is well when it is fully aware of this “Detrimental Challenge” (DC) facet.
Zambia Police Service is non-partisan.

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