Do I look like a dead person, Sata asks Post reporter

Do I look like a dead person, Sata asks Post reporter

By Joseph Mwenda (Post Newspaper)

sataPresident Michael Sata says he is enjoying good health. The president attended Good Friday Mass at St Ignatius Parish where upon arrival, he called this journalist (Post reporter) to where he was sitting and jokingly asked if he looked like someone who was dying.

‘Mr reporter, bushe ndemoneka nga umuntu uwafwa?(Do I look like a dead person?)” he asked.

He said he was enjoying good health and that it was the reason he went to pray.

President Sata wondered how those who were claiming to be fit spent their Good Friday, and if they took time to be in the house of the the Lord.”Balikwisa abanobe ba Nevers Mumba ? (

Where is your friend, Nevers Mumba?) Go and tell them, you have seen me. Bushe muntu uulefwa amoneka ifwi (does a person who is dying look the way I look?) he asked.


And during the sermon, St. Ignatius parish priest Fr. Joe Keaney said president Sata looked powerful. “He hasn’t been here for a long while, but he is back to be with us, and especially for something so meaningful as this day of Good Friday. I haven’t seen you the whole of 2012, but I must say that you are looking powerful,” he said as the church applauded.


Launching the 91km Luangwa bridge-Feira road upgrade project, president Sata said he was more concerned about upgrading the roads than who did the job.

“When our friends (local contractors) start working properly I’ll not be importing Chinese. But me what I want is the road. I don’t care who is building the road, whether it is Chinaman,” he said yesterday.

“And you are saying we are not honoring our promises! We have created more than 195,000 jobs. And we are creating more jobs on this road including the youth who are unemployed in China.”

He said when he served as minister, he promised to work on the Luangwa road once he had power to do so.

“I promised (that) when I have the time and power, I’ll repair this road. I have now power and I have to do it because I used to come to Luangwa. This road, which we are putting here, should go through chief Mphuka, chief Mbuluma, the primary school, Katondwe secondary school, Luangwa secondary school,” President Sata said.

“This road we are starting today, we started from Leopards Hill, and here we are starting now at Luangwa. This road will go via Zambezi River on those hills after Feira, Chongwe River, and Chiawa road until it reaches Lusaka. We want another road from Feira via Mutendere to Lusaka. And after the Chongwe confluence or Luangwa confluence, we should make a bridge across into Zimbabwe so that our relatives in Zimbabwe and our relatives on these streams can move as a team.”

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