Do not let ECZ ban phones during elections

Would you please publicise this,without my ID: No well meaning Zambian should accept the ban of mobile phones at polling stations by ECZ. Phone calls and text messages are the only means to be used to report any fishy figures observed in polling stations. Different political parties will need to be updated on whatever will be going around on different polling stations, that whenever anormalies are pointed out, querries should be directed to ECZ. In Malawi’s May 2014 general elections, The current Vice President of Malawi, who is also a former Airtel Malawi CEO in liason with airtel and tnm, the only prominent mobile phone network providers in Malawi, tempered with the network on elections day. The network on both tnm and airtel were down. Strange figures were inserted or added to different polling stations results by polling station officers, mostly primary school teachers. These primary school teachers were earlier paid by Peter Muthalika for this. Now, look at Malawi, they are suffering for they have a mediocre president who can’t even construct a single grammatically correct English sentence on his own.

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