Do These 10 Easy Steps Before Placing A Bet

There isn’t a foolproof method that ensures success when it comes to sports betting. But the great thing about placing a bet is that you can do certain things to increase your chances of winning.

There are a couple of actionable betting tips on how to place a sports bet. It’s a process that differs for each punter, some opt to check the best bet of the day and the weather. While others prefer to do a deep dive such as researching about the teams, athletes and even the sports event such as the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Here are a couple of steps that you can follow or add to your process of placing a bet:

Manage Your Bankroll

Before you get started with picking a bet to place your wager, you need to decide how much you’re going to set aside for gambling. The budget you set aside for the whole season or even month is called a “bankroll.” Keep in mind, only bet money that you can afford to lose.

Know Your Risk Tolerance

Sports betting varies in a lot of ways, it can range from the type of sport to the stakes involved. It’s important to choose a bet that you fancy. Having a specific preference to place a wager on can be beneficial: it’s easier to familiarize yourself with which helps craft ideal tactics to increase your chances of winning.

Set Clear Betting Goals

Aside from crafting the ideal strategy that works for the type of bet you’ve chosen, it’s also important to be clear with your goals. This is because it helps you keep track of your progress. For some, they prefer to play it safe and profit through small stakes. While others opt to bet on bigger stakes to possibly win big within a smaller time frame.

Keep Realistic Expectations

We all want to win—and win big. But achieving this can differ for each punter. Whether you prefer to set a shorter or longer time period, sticking to proven strategies and methods helps you maintain realistic expectations. As a result, this enables you to stay disciplined and consistent regardless if there is a chance to win 10 bets in a row.

Listen To Experts

There are a lot of strategies that you can find online and opt to follow. Information shared by professionals can help you improve your skills and broaden your knowledge. You can read books, find useful tips, tactics, and strategies by expert tipsters and punters.

Focus On One Team

There are a lot of betting lines to choose from across a variety of live and online games. However, with such a broad range of betting lines, it’s not easy to choose. In fact, it’s easy to get sidetracked and end up to placing bets on different teams. It’s best to pick one team to save time and funnel your focus. This allows you to do a deep dive about one specific team and learn everything relevant so you can make an informed decision.

Base On ATS Records

One of the important things you must also research about is how teams fare against the spread (ATS). Records of this are published in different sites online for progressional sports leagues. Information is key. That said, ATS should be on the top list of things to research before you place a bet.

Refer To Your Records of Bets

Keeping a record of your previous best comes in handy. While it isn’t fun to think about your past losses, it does give your better understanding to avoid making the same mistakes twice. It’s incredibly important to not only record but also take the times to review them to have a retrospective view of your progress.

Go Line Shopping

There are differences in the pricing between two different sportsbooks even though they both cover the same event. Line-shopping is like the equivalent of window shopping for avid punters. It’s more of a double-checking what are the options available before you place your wager rather than a strategy.

Bet 1-2% of Your Bankroll

Seasoned professional punters usually put about 1 to 2% of their bankroll into each betting line. This is because it lowers their risk of losing in the game. It’s a conservative strategy but will likely earn you a sizable profit.

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