Doctors advise Lungu to slow down, as ministers jostle for power

Doctors advise Lungu to slow down, as ministers jostle for power

lungu-kalaba-ethiopiaDoctors have advised President Edgar Lungu to ‘slow down’ because his condition has deteriorated due to stress.

And President Lungu’s condition has created tension in the Patriotic Front after the Presidents latest medical report was leaked to some ministers who have since started to position themselves to take over from President Lungu.

The South African and Zambian doctors who treated Lungu when he was admitted in South Africa after collapsing in Zambia also followed him when he went to attend the last United Nations General Assembly in New York recently.

Intelligence sources have told the Watchdog that the South African Doctors travelled separately from the main entourage to avoid suspicion.

‘They could not travel with the other members on the chartered plane to avoid any suspicion but once in New York they attended to the President in between the UN sessions,’ disclosed one intelligence source.

Intelligence sources disclosed that the doctors advised that if Lungu continues stressing himself at the same rate he is doing right now, there is a high risk that he may collapse and never recover fully.

Among the ministers who have ‘peeped ‘into the latest medical report are Harry Kalaba, Nkandu Luo, Christopher Yaluma , Mwenya Musenge and Mulenga Sata.

The sources indicated that President Lungu has been put on small amounts of steroids apart from the main medication to keep him going.

The doctors advised President Lungu to step down if he wins the 2016 elections because he can’t withstand stress levels associated with the presidency beyond 2017 but this information has created tension among the PF top leaders who are worried that President Lungu may hand power to Vice President Inonge Wina.

Harry Kalaba’s group has vowed that Inonge Wina should not be allowed to take over should President Lungu decide to step down because she was from Barotseland.

‘The fear within the party is that if President Lungu wins he may later hand over to Inonge Wina based on the doctors’s advice so they are now positioning themselves and campaigning underground,’ disclosed one intelligence source.

Even though Lungu is stressing himself by travelling around unnecessary, there is nothing to show for his ‘handwork’ as the economy is crumbling every day.

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