Doctors at Solwezi general hospital irresponsible

Dear Editor,

Through your publication I wish to implore that powers that be to look at the situation at Solwezi General Hospital.

Doctors do not take rounds regularly and sometimes this takes up to more than 24 hours.

During this period admitted patients, regardless of nature of emergency, are just laid down on the beds with no attention at all; when patients die, certifications of their deaths are not done up to more than 6 hours (bodies just lie in the wards) rendering bereaved families to stage their funerals at the hospital while waiting.

If a patient’s family presents queries to the hospital staff for more information on their relative’s illness they are greeted with rudeness and impatience. Meanwhile it is common knowledge that these same doctors are running/ working for private clinics or hospitals.

Moonlighting is generally accepted in Zambia but shouldn’t  the first priority go to the government, their main employer? When I expressed these sentiments to a lot of people I was told that this is what is going on in all GRZ hospitals. Why should this be the norm?

I have written in general terms because I feel that since the culprits know themselves, this is just a wakeup call. I lost my father on 22 December, 2011 at this hospital and was shocked then at the lack of care. Now another relative of mine was admitted there last week and the inactions and attitudes surprised me further and prompted me to write. Those responsible to sort out this mess in our hospitals, please do your job!!!


Disgruntled Citizen

P/S Kindly withhold my name

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