Doctors begin sit in protest because PF has failed to pay them allowances

Doctors begin sit in protest because PF has failed to  pay them allowances

IMG-20150831-WA008Resident Doctors have resolved to start a sit-in protest due to failure  by the PF regime led by Edgar Lungu to pay them allowances.

During the January 2015 presidential by-election, Lungu said he had no vision to run the country; six months later, the evidence is there for every to see.

According to a letter written by Resident Doctors Association of Zambia president Dr Francis Mupeta to the ministry of health, the sit-in protest began yesterday, August 31, 2015.

Dr Mupeta said that should the PF government fail to pay the doctors the allowances they worked for under pathetic conditions, the sit-in protest would be upgraded to a full scale industrial unrest.

Doctors accuse the PF government of failing to prioritise their affairs.

This is happening at the time when the Kwacha has just degenerated to K9 per USD, bread prices have been increased to K8 in places like Kabwe. There is no power in most parts of the country 80 per cent of the time.

No goods were cleared into Zambia today as clearing agents in most important entry points such as Nakonde and Chirundu have been hit by striking clearing agents.

But, the PF has huge sums of money to fund idiots like Frank Bwalya and Ngande Mwanajiti to criss-cross the country campaigning for a sick regime and sleep with prostitutes in lodges.

The money the PF is wasting on these chaps is more than enough to pay our doctors and save hundreds of Zambian lives.

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