Doctors go on strike

State doctors in Zambia have gone on strike after talks with the government failed to resolve problems which included improvement of conditions in the health sector, their union said Monday.

“We regret to inform the general public that the members of Resident Doctors Association of Zambia (RDAZ) have unanimously resolved to withdraw our labour with immediate effect.

“While we recognise the tremendous efforts made by the ministry of health to resolve these problems, it became clear that the ministry had limitations,” said a statement signed by RDAZ acting president Amon Ngongola.

The association said it had made every effort to avert the walkout but discussions had not yielded positive results.

“As an executive we had engaged all channels necessary to avert this action as we recognise that the withdrawal of labour as health workers result in loss of life and no amount of aggravation can be equated to the value of the life of human being,” Ngongola said.

Ngongola did not give details of the problems doctors face, but strikes by doctors to secure better working conditions are common.

Last year, medical doctors went on an indefinite strike, during which a woman gave birth on the sidewalks of the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka.

The picture of the woman giving birth was given to the Post Newspaper, which did not publish it but sent it to Vice President George Kunda and women?s groups, resulting in an uproar.

The news editor of the paper, Chansa Kabwela, was arrested for spreading pornography, but acquitted.


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