Doctors recommend dialysis for Lungu who also suffers memory lapses

A highly confidential document on the status of President Edgar Lungu’s health reveals that he also has an infection of the kidneys and renal dialysis has been recommended.

According to the documents seen by the Watchdog, as at Friday 13th March 2015, results from the four tests on Lungu indicate that he has Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), Infection of the Kidneys for which Renal Dialysis has been recommended, and Achalasia Endoscopic therapy has also been recommended other than regular intake of HIV/AIDS Anti-Retrovirus Therapy of the next stage.

The report also indicates that Lungu, who is diabetic, suffers from memory lapses and lack of concentration due to blood contamination.

Lungu is scheduled to travel to Asia for further treatment this month using some medical procedures not yet approved by the World Health Organisation.

But the Asian trip for about two weeks has been billed as a normal bilateral relations meeting with Chinese government officials and ‘investors’.

Lungu. who recently collapsed at a public event, is currently functioning with one kidney.

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