Doctors should examine Sata’s mind- Nevers Mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba has demanded that a medical board be set up to check President Michael Sata’s mental faculties.

Addressing a rally in Katuba constituency ahead of Tuesday’s by election, Dr Mumba said Zambians are getting concerned over President Sata’s mental stability

He said President Sata’s recent statements have given cause for worry hence the need for a specialized board to evaluate his mental faculties.

Dr Mumba said the provocative statements from State House especially on the issue of the constitution are either deliberately made to infuriate Zambians or are an indication that President Sata is mentally unsound.

“The Bible says you shall know them by their fruits but the fruits coming from the mouth of the President is shocking the Zambians, he insults his Ministers, he lies on the constitution and everything he is doing now is shocking Zambians,” Dr Mumba told a cheering crowd.

He added, “I think President Sata is doing these things deliberately so that we leave him alone and we stop bothering him especially on the constitution.”

Dr Mumba said, “I want to propose that lets have the doctors check on him to make sure he is mentally fit, if the President is mentally fit then whatever he is doing deliberately to the Zambian people is deliberate, he just wants to provoke the citizen and then we have to get on the streets and demand that we have our constitution, if he is fit then we must fight for our constitution.”

“But if the doctors find that there is a problem with President Sata’s brain, then we shall pray for him because Zambia is a Christian Nation and we shall refer to our constitution to guide us beyond that. We cannot continue watching our country go down. We cannot continue getting shocked by his statements,” The MMD leader said.

And Dr Mumba has promised to recognise Henry Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people if he becomes Republican President.

He said President Sata’s meddling in the affairs of the Bemba Royal Establishment is uncalled for and should be condemned.

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