Documents show how minister Chilufya is stealing

Documents show  how minister Chilufya is stealing

These documents show that Minister of health Chitalu Chilufya and his friend Felix Mutati are stealing from Zambia using their Dubai – registered company.

These are term sheets and a letter of request for a no objection to the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA). We challenge ZPPA to deny that this are not authentic.

Lillypeck General Trading is co – owned by Chilufya and Mutati.

ZPPA has rejected Dr. Chilufya and Mutati’s request of no objection to award Lillypeck a contract to supply medical equipment to three hospital. This is in order for the two to milk Zambia of cash.

But we understands the Anti – Corruption Commission is contemplating summoning The duo following shocking revelations of graft involving Dr. Chilufya.

Dr. Chilufya who has earned himself the name of ‘Mr. ATM’ because of his new strategy if dispensing cash to voters in Mansa.

Mr. ATM is now moving with stashes of family cash believed to be coming from his dirty deals with Mutati.

We wait for ACC’s action on this one.


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    ZWD, this is not evidence. Give concrete evidence to the President and you will see how heads will roll.

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    Shi Mumbi 7 days ago

    And you expect International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Zambia colossal sums of $-Dollars? To hell with thieves who are NOT ashamed of themselves stealing daylight.

    Lets all rise against this trend of Govt officials stealing from our coffers. Laura Miti did mention on we citizens must rise up and demand for accountability on these THIEVES are stealing our money and its like NO ONE is interested. Pliz come back to your senses ZAMBIANS like it happened when thieves wanted to steal MUKULA LOGs.

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    Ngocho 1 week ago

    Mumapolitics mwaibe money,i now understand why people are killing each other over positions!!!

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    its REALLY paining us ZAMBIANS if u didn,t know lungu.but y are u allowing such things to happen? lungu are u a zambian? think twice ortherwise ………

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    washalawasha 1 week ago

    Shocking revealeations indeed.