Does 2010 mean anything for Zambia?

Finance minister Musokotwane taking the 2010 budget to parliament. Is there anything for ordinary Zambians?

Finance minister Musokotwane taking the 2010 budget to parliament. Is there anything for ordinary Zambians?

By Hillary Mulenga

Socrates, a Greek philosopher, once said that an unexamined life is not worth living! So, curtains are finally closing on 2009 and one cannot simply forego the current political situation obtaining in our country.

Call it a comedy of errors or any other name, Zambians cannot simply live without opening their eyes to the fact that 2009 was a year of mistakes and that those responsible should bow before the altar and ask Zambians for forgiveness!

Am I insinuating? Of course critics would speak of “massive” development under the current MMD regime. Someone argued with me that the MMD government under Rupiah Banda has scored an economic growth that we shouldn’t close our eyes to.

I am trying my best to open my eyes and see what kind of economic development RB has brought under his nose apart from the fact that ordinary Zambians are poorer than ever before.

It points out to the saying of the Bemba people that a fish begins to rot from its head. Zambians should not be afraid to say that RB has not given the kind of leadership we expected of him.

People usually argue that RB is not the worst president Zambia has ever had and they have accused those who surround him for his mishaps. I totally agree with that but at the same time, common sense tells us that the President does not work alone! Even Obama’s eloquence cannot wholly be attributed to him. There are men and women working with him who ensure that the most popular president in the world says and does the right thing at the right time. So if RB wants his presidency to be turned around for good, then its time he courted right advisors.

So what does 2010 mean for Zambia? We know there’s much noise about 2011 but we know as well as poverty, corruption, irresponsible politics will not be crucified to the cross come the next general elections. We will still need a savior above all our expectations.

PF/UPND pact seemed to have solved our problems but wisdom wouldn’t let us rush into that.

It’s not about personalities but how intricate the problems Zambia faces are. Remember 1991 and the promise of an egg each for breakfast? We know how much the MMD has shredded public confidence in politics and people should not be duped into saying that when an opposition party is retained in power, things will be better. What should instead amaze us is that the predominantly opposition MPs and councilors have in the least tried to persuade government on policies that can improve the living standards of ordinary Zambians.

Come the pact and I am sure before the honeymoon is over, we shall be stabbing fingers at it. What this means is that NOW is the time for the pact to show us leadership.

We know it has spoken for the Zambians against the unpopular MMD regime but we’ll be stuck as well if they do not see the way out without affecting the Zambian populace.

So far its politics have been confrontational rather than alternatively. Its politics have been about marking out evils in the present regime rather than spelling out what it ought to do if thrown into helm of power.

Zambians need an alternative to the current MMD government. It doesn’t matter who brings this change but what matters is that the issues affecting ordinary citizens are brought to the fore not only by word but by deed. The UPND/PF pact has a lot to prove to the Zambians if indeed they are ready to wipe away the transgressions of the current MMD government. The time is NOW.

Let them not wait for 2011. We need to take one step at a time!

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