Does Lungu know that moving State House to Kitwe is expensive?

Dear Editor,
Kindly allow me to publish my frustrations. I have just heard that HE Edgar C Lungu is moving to Kitwe for 5 days. One really wander if HE EL understands the cost serving measures Chikwanda is trying to implement. For HE, it should be simple mathematics that his stay in will Kitwe cost tax payers money. Ministers had gone there and am sure they reported back and he has representatives like the DC’s office and the Deputy Minister to always report on time. I know my PF brothers and Sisters will insult but please for once, let’s be patriotic for once. We may belong to different political parties but most of all we are all Zambians and let’s protect our dignity for once. If the President really understands our dire situation, he would rather spend this time formulating, assessing and consulting on short and long term policies to save this erring economy. In addition, almost the entire CB belong to PF if it’s a political move. Am sorry to say this, our president isn’t really smart upstairs or maybe he just doesn’t care. How much tax payer’s money is he going to continue wasting? Bana ba Zambia, lets rise for once. Our dignity and our forefathers’ resolve to fight for our independence was way too much to be easily wasted by this uncaring president .He must realise that his pointless visits will not fix this economy and he better utilises this time to save this economy.IS IT TOO HARD FOR HIM TO STAY IN STATE HOUSE AND WORK ????  So ba PF but it’s way too much.

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