Don´t rig, God has appointed Sata, Prophesizes Panji

Don´t  rig, God has appointed Sata, Prophesizes Panji

PF leader Michael Sata has been anointed by God to lead Zambia in this year’s elections, says Panji Kaunda. prophesysis

In an interview with the Watchdog, Panji said God has directed those seeking for the change of leadership by anointing Sata and the PF to lead Zambians in the fight for change of government.

Panji said it is impossible for the MMD and President Rupiah Banda’s administration to change what God has put forward, adding that fighting the cause of change of leadership will be stepping in God’s ways of doing things.

“Sata has been anointed by God to govern the people of Zambia, and it is God’s wish that Sata has become popular in this manner,” said Panji.

Panji who is also interim national chairperson for the Peoples’ Pact Forum, said all the campaign activities his group is carrying out have received blessings from the people of Zambia.

And Panji has accused the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) of planning to rig the election in favour of the ruling MMD and President Rupiah Banda.

“It is not our concern alone so many people have advised the President to announce the election date and dissolve cabinet, we know how people at ECZ operate, they are delaying to finalise and announce the final voter register in order to rig in favour of the MMD, as People’s Pact Forum we shall not allow such to happen,” said Panji.

He said this year’s elections are an opportunity for Zambians to rekindle the lost glory in issues of governance by electing credible people to lead.

“The people of Zambia have been given another chance to amend their mistakes they made in 2008 when they elected President Banda who had promised to continue with the legacy of the late President Levy Mwanawasa in steaming up the economy of this country and fight corruption regardless of who is involved, it is time to show that we have learnt lessons and we are changed people by voting out President Banda and bring in credible leaders of our age,” said Col. Panji.

He said the crisis of leadership in the MMD has broken the walls of democracy a situation he said if not carefully checked would spill over to other political parties.

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