Donchi Kubeba: getting back old dark days

Donchi Kubeba: The case of Getting back to the old Dark days!!!

img_0996In just 4 days Donald Trump (DT) has initiated enough policy directives to clearly propel his vision, Americans know where they are going. A President must know what they want to do for the people.

In 2 years that ECL has been a president, it is not clear where this country Zambia is going. First he started by following the vision of Sata, now it is the so called economic recovery………. eh he he he he he he he he he he he he…..!!!!!???????!!!!!

In 4 days, Americans know about jobs in the automobiles, the pipeline (steel industry) and now the the mexican – American boarder wall, abortion, gay right etc. Whether this is good or bad, (it is an analysis for another day and Americans are doing very good analyses)

A president must be able to give an idea of what change people must expect right from day 1 of being in office. When Sata became president we got back our Zamtel, Zambia railways, Infrastructure, SI 55 and so on ad so forth. It was clear to see where Zambia was going for those who decided to be objective.

When John Pombe Magufuli assumed power in Tanzania, we all still know the drastic policy changes he initiated, his stance on corruption and public spending. Today there is in no salaula in Tanzania, pple are selling new clothes. Yes Chinese suppliers have taken over but soon the clothing industry will thrive.

Tell me just one Policy directive initiated by ECL, just one NOT two but just one.

We have foreigners who are rearing chickens, growing vegetables, processing sausages, mince meat, concrete blocks. Foreigners are investing in every sector in Zambia even in areas where Zambians can easily invest and manage the domestic demand. All what Zambians need is a supporting government.

Look at Nakonde, even the so called Nakonde rice does not come from Nakonde, it comes from Tanzania, just across. Even the roasted groundnuts in Nakonde are sold by Tanzanian boys. Nakonde is the nearest dumping site for Tanzanian products.

It is not so clear where this country is going. You cant expect to get extra ordinary results when you use ordinary means to solve a problem. Thinking and believing in such is a proper definition of madness. Governments that are taking their people out of poverty are those have very aggressive and strategic consistent policies.

We are back to the old days. The very MMD that we got rid of is back…..Chipantepante RB is back, Dora Siliya, Vincent Mwale, Bowman Lusambo, Felix Mutati etc……………. (May be PF died with Sata – all we remained with was a name and a few individuals)

Can any PF cadre convince me that there are no better fresh brains in PF our outside that can do what the products from the bin of MMD are doing in PF. How is ECL so willing to sideline the very people that made him who he is today?

Muyunda Kasima and Gaston Angel Nyongani remind me why we celebrated the whole night from Machinchi road to Omelo Mumba. How we danced all the way from Northmead to Manda hill flyover bridge. How we enjoyed witnessing the tearing down of Rupiah Banda’s campaign material at fly over bridge.

All that is gone, washed down the drain. We are back to the old days. The very dark days that we so detested.

We are back to the dark days where, lip service of promises for a better tomorro defined every public function.

We are back to August 2011 where the people lost hope in the future. We kept on saying, “Hope for the best and plan for the worst”. I was so convinced that the chapter, of dark blue days, was fully covered and completely concluded but we are back.

We back to the days where Zambia’s prosperity only belongs to a few people. RB’s sons where becoming millionnaires buying flats and cars all over………

We are back to the days of seeing very few people enjoying life as if Zambia belongs to them alone.

We are back to the days where corruption was openly practiced and no one seemed to care.

We are back to the days where the abnormal became the “normal” and the normal was the “abnormal”

We are back to the Old dark days!!!!!!!!!!

One day a person who will mean business will govern this country, that was out mantra of faith and conviction at Azikiwe Crescent in Manchinchi road of Northmead with my dear comrades Muyunda Kasima and Gaston Angel Nyongani.

The very people who messed up our country are very much in charge of our affairs.

Things are getting tougher and prices are getting higher for most goods. very soon the majority will only be working for food, shelter bills and fees.

Without aggressive but strategic policy directives, we are very much alive in the dark days of the past!!!!!!

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