‘Donchi Kubeba’ Now PF introduces departure taxes for airport travellers

‘Donchi Kubeba’ Now PF introduces departure taxes for airport travellers

Faced with a serious budget over-run due to a string of by-elections, the PF government that campaigned on low taxes and more money in people’s pockets has introduced another tax for all local and international travellers leaving Zambia through the airports.

The new tax measures which were not even announced in this year’s budget will mean all passengers departing from KK (Lusaka) , Mfuwe, Harry Mwaanga (Livingstone) and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe (Ndola) airports will now be required to pay K52.80 (about US $10.00) and domestic passengers, K26.70 (about $5.00).

The new move comes a few days before many visitors come for this year’s United Nations World Tourism Conference to be jointly hosted between Zambia and Zimbabwean governments in the tourist towns of Livingstone.

In a typical PF inconsistency and ‘Donchi Kubeba’ way of doing things, ailing and failing dictator president Michael Sata himself cheated other African leaders during the recent AU summit that the Zambian government was opposed to any such taxes and levies on passengers as they had the potential to reduced the number of tourists entering the country.

And the Watchdog sources have said there are more taxes to be introduced mid-way the budget including  on things like mobile phone talk-time, especially that government is facing serious liquidity problems due the the numerous unbudgeted projects such as PF induced by-election meant to create a one party state and financing Mr. Sata largest cabinet of more than than 70 ministers, plus his wife all loitering around the country and the world accompanied by large delegations.


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