Donchi kubeba: PF to reduce civil servants salaries if they win

Donchi kubeba: PF to reduce civil servants salaries if they win

One of the first acts the PF government will do if re-elected into power will be to reduce salaries for civil servants.

Senior government officials have disclosed that the government is broke and nothing has happened to attract money into government coffers.

Sources disclosed that even the construction of roads, which Michael Sata inherited from Rupah Banda, has since all but halted due to lack of money.

‘It’s just that attention has been drawn to the by-election but if you remember even before Sata died, there were reports that the government is broke and civil servants were at least twice paid by China,’ said a source from cabinet office

The source said that the PF government has no goodwill from donors and internal revenue is inadequate so they will be forced to raise money by cutting back on civil servants dues while leaving perks for politicians intact.

The source said the only other way would be to accelerate borrowing from International Shylocks such as ‘Eurobonds’.

The source said what has been agreed so far is to reduce the salaries of civil servants or remove or allowances but this will only be announced after elections.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that the donor community has expressed fear that if Lungu wins the election, there will be intolerable levels of human rights abuses in Zambia. Lungu himself has already promised revenge and his record as minister of Home Affairs gave a glimpse of what life would be. It was under Lungu that the country saw deportations of people suspected of sympathising with the opposition and the abuse of the public order act was at its worst. It was Lungu who ordered police to surround Chitimukulu’s palace. Lungu has promised to recognise Chitimukulu but why he and his government can’t do it now just shows the level of deception. If they can pardon prisoners, surely they can recognise a chief.

Donor money is often tied to good governance especially respect for human rights.

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