Donors demand MISA audit report

 At least two donors have demanded to be given the 2010 audit report on MISA Zambia , the Watchdog has been told.

Henry Kabwe, MISA Zambia Chairperson


And MISA Zambia National Governing Council (NGC) members are meeting today, Thursday, not to address charges raised in the audit report but to witch-hunt and bicker among themselves on who is leaking information.

The Watchdog has been informed that Irish Aid and Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) have demanded to be given copies of the audit report done by M.T. Ncube and Associates in March 2010.

The two are major donors of MISA and, according to their respective contracts with MISA, should have been given copies of the audit in May.

OSISA is said to be also interested in the exculpatory letter written to the MISA board by its director Sipo Kapumba. In that letter, Kapumba claimed that MISA was overshadowed by the “ubiquitous” Media Liaison Committee (MLC) and condemned it for positioning itself as a “Supreme Media Mother Body”. He claimed that he had restored MISA to its position in the market and undisputed leader in the area of media law reforms, media freedom advocacy, promoting democracy and good governance.

The MLC comprises all media associations in Zambia, including MISA, and was formed to resist government’s intention of statutorily regulating the media.

The Audit Report cites irregularities in tender Awards to “Consultants”, Change of Ownership of premises, Failure to code, track and trace MISA Assets and Irregular payments to staff for rapporteuring and project allowances.

The audit also confirms the K70 million scandals involving MISA, Save the Children of Sweden and a former ZNBC Employee.

The Report states that the Chairperson of  MISA Zambia Governing Council Henry Kabwe was involved in this scam. Henry Kabwe did not provide his colleagues with documentation for Board approval. The Auditors also said they could not verify if the work was done for the K26million paid to Cleopatra Haamambo of ZNBC.

In relation to this K70m scandal, the Audit Report states that procurement procedures were flouted and MISA continues to encourage unsound contracting practices and fails to practice standards of Good Corporate Governance.

And a number of founding members of MISA Zambia including former board members have called for the rot at MISA to come to an end. One former board member is calling on the Anti-Corruption Commission to thoroughly investigate MISA.

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