Don’t be cheated by my dad, he is living well in Lusaka – Andrew Banda

ANDREW Banda has advised people of Eastern Province not to be swayed by what his father, Rupiah, is telling them because his father and others are enjoying good life in Lusaka with security, vehicles and other luxuries. Banda, the former Republican president, has backed PF’s Edgar Lungu in Tuesday’s election while Andrew has backed the UPND.

During a campaign rally at Kasenga Primary School in Chipangali Constituency on Wednesday, Andrew also urged people of Eastern Province not to follow leaders like MMD Chipangali member of parliament Vincent Mwale.

Andrew caused laughter when he said he was the real son of former president Banda and that he had never insulted his father at any given time. “I am the son of RB and even my appearance, when you see me, you people will really say it; sindine mwana wopezamo yayi (I am not a stepson, no) but politics are playing their role. I cannot insult my father, and those accusing me (of insulting my father), God will punish them. But the fact is amudala (the old man), for the first time erred by endorsing Lungu,” he said. Andrew said people should not be swayed by what his father was telling them because he (Banda) and others were enjoying good life in Lusaka. On Mwale, Andrew said: “Mwale does not love you. Recently, he (Mwale) was the one condemning PF, calling it ‘Paya Farmer’ and today he changes and tells you to vote for PF. What has changed today? Farmers have not been paid, no fertiliser and the roads are bad. Vincent is a traitor, don’t vote for him in 2016.” Meanwhile, Lameck Mangani said God had given Zambians an opportunity to liberate themselves from suffering by voting out the PF in next Tuesday’s election. Mangani said there was no better time to remove the PF than in next week’s election. “Let me tell you; don’t just complain of delayed payment, lack of fertiliser and high levels of poverty; God has given you an opportunity to vote. Vote for HH because he is the only person with solutions for the problems that this country is facing. Really, what did God put in this region that makes us love political parties that are finished? Can you know PF candidate Edgar Lungu or identify him even when you meet him at Spar? Lungu was born in Chingola and has never built a house in Eastern Province, even when you see his picture, do you think he can be a president?” he asked. Mangani urged the people in the area to turn up in large numbers and give UPND a vote next Tuesday. And Mutati, who earlier held rallies in Tafelansoni area in Chadiza and Vubwi districts, said Zambians wanted to have a free and peaceful election. “A PF member is easily known by his or her features of being violent. This is the reason why Zambians must not vote for PF. We ask the PF leadership in the country not to confuse the nation with violence as Zambians are peaceful people and want to have free and peaceful polls,” he said. Mutati also said the PF government had destroyed agriculture.

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