Don’t believe Post/PF lies in Livingstone: it’s PF beating people

I think the PF through  its chief propagandist Fred Mumembe are sensantionalizing events in Livingstone to make it look as if UPND is fanning trouble there.

I urge people not to believe what is reported in the PF’s post concerning the violence in Livingstone.

Firstly those mourners who were “beaten” have no evidence whatsoever to prove that tha “assailants” were upnd cadres, where is the proof?

Actually according to the information we are receiving PF cadres are going round causing violence and blaming it on UPND.

Livingstone is now a upnd stronghold and there is no way the party can go round beating its own members.

Infact GBM and willie nsanda have transported bus loads of pf thugs to Livingstone in the mistaken hope that william Banda will do the same but Mr Banda has proved them wrong. We wish to categorically condemn this act of desperation from the PF.

We have seen these signs and this conspiracy before; the pf post is creating sesantional stories in livingstone and the pf will want to use these newspaper cuttings to petition the results that the by-election was not held in a condusive atmosphere.

The MMD used this tactic against the UPND in munfumbwe where the pf’ post headline cuttings were used in court to nullufy the election. We wish to warn fraud to stop this practice with immidiate effect.

Why is fruad not reporting about the daylight corruption which pf is engaing in right now like distributing “relief” food and brown envelopes to the electorates? It is obvious that pf has already lost the livingstone by-election hence resorting to these desperate acts. PF has been rejected by the people because everyone has realized that they came to power through deceit. In fact most of the urban areas where pf used to enjoy popularity are almost becoming no go areas for the pf. If sata and his pf think they are still popular we challenge him to dissolve parliament and call for early elections


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