Dont boast of projects you did not initiate- MMD tells PF

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) says the Patriotic Front should not boast about development projects it initiated while in power.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm, MMD Acting National Secretary Kapembwa Simbao says the MMD under the leadership of late president Levy Mwanawasa had embarked on a number of projects which the Patriotic Front government is claiming credit for.

Mr. Simbao says projects such as the Eurobond, link Zambia project and other road rehabilitation projects were initiated by the MMD.

Mr. Simbao states that it is wrong for the Patriotic Front government to boast about such projects when the MMD initiated them.

He says the PF should instead initiate their own projects for the Zambian people to be a better position to judge in future which government would have brought development to country between the MMD and PF.

Mr. Simbao adds that the MMD would have done much better had it been allowed to complete the projects it had initiated unlike what the PF is presently doing.

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