Don’t bring you lawlessness to Zambia, Lungu tells refugees

Don’t bring you lawlessness to Zambia, Lungu tells refugees

Edgar Lungu has mocked Congolese refugees who are fleeing war in their country by labelling them as lawless people . Lungu told the refugees who include children and elderly people that ‘don’t bring your lawlessness here’.

A month ago, Lungu tried in vain to meet DRC ruler Joseph Kabila but the Congolese refused to meet him. Kabila believes that Lungu is funding some of the rebels in that country.

In frustration, Lungu decided to revenge on refugees:

“That is why you ran away from lawlessness in Congo DR. Don’t bring the lawlessness from Congo which you have run away from, here. You have run away from lawlessness, so don’t bring lawlessness here. We have laws which should be followed by all of us here. This is what humanity expects you to reciprocate to the love that Zambians have bestowed upon you by hosting you. When you break the law, we will not send you back to Congo, we will send you to jail. And when you finish serving jail that is when you will go back Congo,” Lungu told the refugees some of them who had not eaten.

We wonder what makes Lungu think that every Congolese person is a criminal. This level of prejudice from a so-called President is unfortunate and speaks volumes about the quality of Zambian leadership.

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