Dont bring your thuggery to our rally in Mandevu, UPND tells PF militias

UPND Deputy Secretary General Kuchunga Simusamba has appealed to PF thugs to stay away from the permitted UPND rally scheduled to take place this Sunday 6th October at Matambe ground in Mandevu.

Mr. Simusamba says the party does not want a repeat of what happened in Kabwata where PF cadres occupied the rally venue early in the morning even when the police had granted the permit.

“Yes I can confirm that we have finally been given permission to hold our peaceful rally in Mandevu and the police have confirmed that they will provide security together with our marshals. The PF cadres have been in the streets of Lusaka for the last one month, and we never disturbed them at all even when we had enough manpower to stop their thuggery behaviour. We therefore do not expect them to come and disturb our peaceful rally on Sunday,” Mr. Simusamba said in an interview.

He appealed to Lusaka residents to come up in numbers and assured that everything will be very peaceful.

After months of illegal and thuggery demonstrations by PF cadres in the central business district of Lusaka and other major towns, PF police, in shame, have finally given permission to the opposition UPND to hold their rally in Mandevu.

Police have also allowed civil society organisations to hold a peaceful Black Friday demonstration against the constitution making process.

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