Don’t change statements , sell presidential jet – Lubinda

Don’t change statements , sell presidential jet – Lubinda

PF Vice President Given Lubinda says President Hakainde Hichilema must sell the Presidential Jet and not back peddle on the Promises he made to the Zambian People , which promises he says won the UPND the Presidency on August 12th .

Speaking on a RADIO program on Capital FM ,hosted by Frank Mutubila, Lubinda said it was deceitful of the UPND to have ascended to the thrown based on promises which they had no intention of keeping

He charged that ignorance of the law was no defence hence the tonne that the UPND did not know procedure which is being alleged by their camp is just plain deception .

He said President Hichilema shouldn’t have made promises without conducting research on what he was promising .

Hon. Lubinda has expressed disappointment that the major promises made by the UPND which made them attractive to the Zambian people which they used to demonise the PF had now all been broken one after the other .

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