Don’t follow Lungu blindly, Panji Kaunda tells PF

Don’t follow Lungu blindly, Panji Kaunda tells PF

By Patson Chilemba

Ruling PF member Colonel Panji Kaunda has cautioned his fellow party members against blind loyalty to President Edgar Lungu and the party.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Col Panji urged party members to put their minds to good use, reflect on the happenings in the country, while at the same time engage their leaders accordingly.

“What is killing us as a party is blind loyalty to the President and the party. Just because ‘I am PF, no matter how bad I am governed, I will still vote’. They need to assess what the party has done. We must have our own independence to say this is wrong and this is right…and we base our decisions on that,” he said.

Col Panji said only when people chose to have independent minds, would things begin to move in the right direction, and urged the party leadership not to demonise those with different views from the party.

Asked on assertions that he was criticising the government out of frustration, Col Panji said he was priceless as even the opposition could not buy him.
He said his opinions were coming from a premise of independence of mind.

“When someone speaks their mind, they are assumed to be disloyal to the party. The first person who sees dirty in the house is the person living there,” Panji advised.

President Lungu recently backed the police on the manner they were limiting the democratic space in the country during his recent interaction with the media at State House. The President said the police were within their right to handle matters according to the way they saw fit, saying there was time for campaigns and time to focus on matters such as the economy as it could not be fun, fun, fun all the time.

But Col Panji said if the action by the police to stop opposition gatherings was being reciprocated with the PF then that statement would make sense.

“Our party can do anything and the police will do nothing. What is good for the goose must also be good for the gander. He was wrong to say that. Politics never stops otherwise the opposition becomes irrelevant, because who is going to provide checks and balances?” asked Col Panji.

Panji Kaunda

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