Don’t involve me, Chiluba tells Sata

Former president Frederick Chiluba has advised Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata not to involve him in the 1.2 billion Kwacha 1992 alleged corruption case.
Mr. Sata yesterday told QFM that Dr. Chiluba is determined to destroy him politically by using the K1.2 billion case.
But Dr. Chluba’s spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba says the PF leader should not involve him in his alleged corruption case which dates back to 1992.
He says Dr Chiluba does not understand why Mr Sata wants to blame him that he is behind calls to have the resuscitated the K1.2 billion alleged corruption case.
Mr. Mwamba says that Mr. Sata should simply defend himself of the allegations, other than involving people who not part to the allegations.
Mr. Mwamba in interview with QFM says all political leaders should be scrutinized, and wonders why the Patriotic Front leader is pointing accusing fingers.
He explains that at no time has Dr. Chiluba tried to politically destroy Mr. Sata.

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