Don’t Kumweba: Musicians unite against Sata

About 13 local singers have confirmed that they will feature in a 10 minute long track in which they intend to voice out their concerns  against the now  five month rule of President Michael Sata.

And Saboi Imboela of the former Shatel singing sensation says she is tired of the PF’s politicking and wonders when President Sata will “stop ruling and start governing the country.


Information reaching The Independent Post (TIP) indicate that some of the singers intending to feature in the song include most members of the XYZ crew, Petersen, Dambisa, Tommy D, Dalisoul and a few others whose names have not yet been disclosed. Another notable figure to join the singers in the denouncing of the PF government is Diffikoti.

Sources within the entertainment circles disclosed that the musicians are ganging up against the Sata led government because it has failed to address real issues like music piracy.

“We were promised that once we put the PF into power, they would help us by addressing the issue of music piracy. But nothing has been done yet.

“The government has actually encouraged piracy through the legalisation of street vendors. Street vendors are the ones pirating and selling our music,” complained one of the local singers who asked not to be named.

The singer disclosed that the anti- Sata song will be released any time before June and would bring out all the issues the PF has failed to address in the five months they have been in power.

Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) president Maiko Zulu could not be reached for a comment on the matter.  Diffikoti’s phone went unanswered when he was phoned by The Independent Post to say his side of the story.

But another celebrated local singer Saboi Imboela who according to sources is NOT among musicians recording the anti Sata song has in the past few days resorted to social networking sites such Facebook to register her displeasure against President Sata’s government.

“When is our president Micheal Sata going to stop ruling and start governing the country? Im just so tired of the politiking, I want to see some serious governance. And whats up and next after all the re-alignment, amputation, etc of districts and provinces?

“Is this sure the priority or just what is wrong? Im really trying to understand a lot of his moves but I am failing, though my biggest fear is that so far he’s been doing things that show that they were notthought through to the end before announcing so I wonder if there is a proper non-political plan of all these moves,” wrote Imboela on Facebook yesterday.

And responding to one of her fans who asked her not to criticize but to support the PF, Saboi said: “That’s exactly what we are doing (supporting Sata). We are giving him support by criticising him so that he doesn’t land himself and us in a ditch.”

[Source: The Independent Post]


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    speak for urself we r enjoyin zambian music n thats job creation instead of cryin for pf to put jobs on silver plates for u.its high time zmabians started supportin creativity that way u wudnt expect d pf to create jobs for u in 90days.check our friends abroad they ve all sorts of creativity enablin them put bread n butter on d table n helpin to d growth of d economy instead of waitin for pf to bring jobs to ur doorsteps,keep waitin.

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    respect for saboi,everyone is intitle to their opinion.why tel her to go get married,whats marriage got to do with dis article?dis marriages that r full of problems these days.all we see r our fellow women sufferin n sum ve become immune to marriage problems.

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    Democratic State of Zambia 6 years

    I am not going to say I TOLD YOU SO but I did…. Give us Barrabasa and kill Jesus of Nazareth were the voting slogans I launched.

    Now read:

    14 March 2012 Last updated at 12:59 Share this pageEmailPrint
    Zambia ex-ruling MMD party dissolved for ‘unpaid fees’

    President Michael Sata (r) was once a member of the MMD, which ex-President Rupiah Banda (l) led for four years
    Continue reading the main story
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    Zambia profile
    Michael Sata: Zambia’s ‘King Cobra’ finally strikes
    Zambia’s former ruling party has been stripped of its legal status for not paying fees for the past 20 years – amounting to $75,000 (£50,000).

    The Registrar of Societies says the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) has been deregistered for failing to pay its “statutory obligations”.

    The party says it does not owe anything and will appeal against what it brands “an assault on democracy”.

    If the decision is upheld, the MMD will lose its parliamentary seats.

    The MMD is one of Zambia’s oldest political parties, sweeping to power in 1991 in the country’s first multi-party elections.

    Last year, it became the largest opposition party with 53 seats when it lost power to the Patriot Front of President Michael Sata.

    Continue reading the main story

    Start Quote

    We believe this is all political and an assault on democracy in this country”

    Dora Siliya
    MMD spokesperson
    ‘Drastic decision’
    All political parties in Zambia are obliged to register with the Registrar of Societies, a government body.

    “I have cancelled the registration of the MMD for non-compliance with the Societies Act,” Clement Andeleki, head of the agency, told a news conference in the capital, Lusaka.

    “This drastic decision has been taken as an act of great exception by my office to send strong signal to erring registered societies,” he said.

    He said there had been attempts to get unpaid fees from the MMD since September when President Sata took over.

    The president used to be a leading member of the MMD before forming his own party.

    MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya said the party had paid its dues – as recently as January this year – and no correspondence had been received on the matter.

    “We believe this is all political and an assault on democracy in this country,” Ms Siliya told the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme.

    “We take this with great exception that without evidence, or indeed any correspondence, that such a drastic decision can be taken with a very large opposition party,” she said.

    “We believe we have been paying our statutory obligations – and if some of our branches have not been paying, which I hear may be the case, they could be deregistered, not the mother body, which under Zambian law, can be registered and continue to exist.”

    MMD lawyers would be launching a judicial review of the decision, Ms Siliya added.

    The MMD has 21 days to appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs.

    If the MMD loses its appeal, the speaker of the National Assembly has the right to declare the party’s parliamentary seats vacant – and by-elections will be held.

    News of the deregistration came as former President Rupiah Banda said he was stepping down as leader of the MMD, which he announced he would do after losing last year’s election.

    The MMD said the move was not related to the deregistration.

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    umuntu 6 years

    dont just be haters.sata is the man.just deal with it.hakainde is and his followers are still trying to accept the fact that sata won.balishokwa because hakainde thought that leaving the pact was the best thing to do kanshi ninshi ba lesa nabapekanya kale ati ba sata ebakateka.umuntu ni pamaka,pa bwato for lyf………..

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    Diasporan 6 years

    Sata has failed. His only achievement is to be president.
    our country is in danger of being split up. We have always known and would love to continue being ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.
    Sata has ALWAYS been the way he is a KAPONYA! He will not develop zambia even if you give him 20 years! He has been determined and became zambian president let him now Go!

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    Crissy Mupuchi 6 years

    bring it on….we want to hear it rock

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    dome 6 years

    BA sadoi tamwakwata nensoni give th guy alone wat can do! u think can change the peoples mind with yo stup sing 4gey

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    IQ 6 years

    Can i make a suggestion to some of you,if you are not happy with PF
    jst pack your bags and go some where else and comeback in 2016 to cast
    your votes we are tired of you.

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    pettiness will never take Zambia anywhere. Even the so called educated are closed in cakoons of self deception, shame on you!

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    david 6 years

    hi fellow africans: You Zambians need to appreciate what your president is doing, give the guy a chance he has only been on power for five months and not five years. he canot do everything at the same time. please be content with what you have, remember Rome was not built in a single day. evrything happens gradualy one day u will be happy for the progress made, rejoice coz u guys are the best example of democracy in africa.

    thats David from Namibia

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    Archangel 6 years


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    Bowinakale 6 years

    This Ukwa promised things to happen is the shortest time possible. Who told him to make those promises. GOOOOOO Singers GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Roughrider 6 years

    Its fifty-fifty,Dandy Crazy did his part and let others also sing what they have seen and entertain the people,go guys bang a good song that even Ukwa can dance to.

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    Give the PF Government and the President time, 5 months is not enough to judging and you should bare in mind that governance is not easy,ukulanda kwali anguka but do it isn’t easy.People let us work together and unite to see the way forward rather just criticizing one another.

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    cecilia 6 years

    leave saboi alone,she too is a zambian intilled to her opinion.

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    Zambian artists,what is going wrong with you. efyo tamuilapatali bafikamba fyenu.

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    ushilangwa 6 years

    Just eat your poverty you people. We voted wisely. I loath standing in ques for anything – even voting, until 2016. Let the man rule for now. There are only a few issues i dont want the president to do such as drastically changing the Zambian map. For the rest nature will sought them out, just go and work hard with tightened belts. Mooore money in you pockets.

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    Youngest Major 6 years

    Ba Saboi kopweni,please!!You are getting much old and dont waste your time with abashakwata mano like Difficult and the rest.

    Stop playing foolish games with Cobra…Kutumpa uko!!

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    Saboi you are useless, how come you are the only one on the paper, get married and 4get about these people who are trying to use you. you know that you are very beautiful so whats the problem girl?

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    nicholas 6 years

    zambia is for zambian lets support mc

  • comment-avatar
    nicholas 6 years

    give mc time to reorganise th zambia, he has proven to be the man of action.

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    kamalasha 6 years


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    Snr.citizen 6 years

    What I have seen is that we have allowed problems for too long in our country, to the extent that poverty levels are so high that nearly every one in this country is affected, for pf gvt to bring things to normal or expected standards it is not in 90 days or one year, pf can only perform according to what amount of money mmd left for them to bring a change in 90 days, according to the plunder and corruption we witnessed in mmd whereby billions of kwachas sow their way in the ground, I do not think it was Liato alone who burried those billions, there must be others who did the same and there is nothing much mmd left for pf to improve people’s lives within 3 months, what pf need to do is first ask for aid from super power countries to help us recover from mmd plundered economy while we continue developing the country, create employment for the youth and pay living wages to civil servants, and see to it that our musicians are taken care of by protecting piracy. The pf government should just come and apologize to the nation that things has not been as easy as they thought would improve in 90 days and ask for more aid from Donner countries.

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    me 6 years

    Viva HH=for me and my house hold. This Ukwa and Ibu are a nuisence

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    me 6 years

    Ukwa (Sata) at state house, Mr. Been or Bones as Vice President (dummy) (Guy Sco..), Popo-Chisamb..Kambwili (+kabwalal wa Njanji)ex-scrap metal dealer from Luanshya as Minister of Youth and Sports, what do you expect.??

    We need to reclaim this nation.

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    We only enjoy Dandy crazy’s songs and he managed alone. There is nothing new about these I.D.iots, we saw them all over and on ZNBC with members of the defucnt MMD and what was their achievement?

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    Real Donchi 6 years

    Why are lots of id!otic bloggers on this site pleading to give [email protected] more time? More time for what? He has not painted any vision of where he wants Zambia to get to. He has lamentably failed to even initiate his so-called 90-day program. This guy will not take Zambia anywhere even if he had 90 years as President. If you have not sussed out that Pathetic Fascists have no agenda for developing Zambia, then you are an imbecile who voted for them in the first place. This country ain’t going anywhere at this rate.

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    Alfred 6 years

    Be realistic zambians especially young one’s. look for a credible young and energetic leader regardless of tribe. Old leaders are tired and its a pity that as countrymen we easily get cheated.

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    Papa Bolingo 6 years

    Dalisoul, Dambisa, Diffikoti, XYZ, what ever they are called, they are so foolish to even think of doing that foolish song. Even in the Bible, it didn’t take God one day to create our beloved earth. What is five months you FOOLS compared to the last confused 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    jet power 6 years

    musicians u a very usless,idiotic and long does it take for you to release you silly albums which always talk about insults.most of u are finished assets on music industry.kanweni cabe chibuku mu ma tarvens ba kolwe imwe.give chance to the cobra ba kolwe imwe
    long life man of action.
    jet power in dufur,sudan.

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    david 6 years

    You Zambians need to appreciate what your president is doing, give the guy a chance he has only been on power for five months and not five years. he canot do everything at the same time. please be content with what you have, remember Rome was not built in a single day. evrything happens gradualy one day u will be happy for the progress made, rejoice coz u guys are the best example of democracy in africa.

    thats David from Namibia

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    @ Uncle money try to grow up. According to you this is your best shot? People are not happy with the way things are moving as compared to the promises given to them. Grow up please or shut up if you have nothing sensible to say.

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    Shikulu Don Corleone 6 years

    Dandy Crazy made a hit alone while a dozen plus 1 is struggling to put a track together. This is the same band of ID.Iots that failed to impress voters during RB’s misrule!