Don’t Kumweba: Musicians unite against Sata

Don’t Kumweba: Musicians unite against Sata

About 13 local singers have confirmed that they will feature in a 10 minute long track in which they intend to voice out their concerns  against the now  five month rule of President Michael Sata.

And Saboi Imboela of the former Shatel singing sensation says she is tired of the PF’s politicking and wonders when President Sata will “stop ruling and start governing the country.


Information reaching The Independent Post (TIP) indicate that some of the singers intending to feature in the song include most members of the XYZ crew, Petersen, Dambisa, Tommy D, Dalisoul and a few others whose names have not yet been disclosed. Another notable figure to join the singers in the denouncing of the PF government is Diffikoti.

Sources within the entertainment circles disclosed that the musicians are ganging up against the Sata led government because it has failed to address real issues like music piracy.

“We were promised that once we put the PF into power, they would help us by addressing the issue of music piracy. But nothing has been done yet.

“The government has actually encouraged piracy through the legalisation of street vendors. Street vendors are the ones pirating and selling our music,” complained one of the local singers who asked not to be named.

The singer disclosed that the anti- Sata song will be released any time before June and would bring out all the issues the PF has failed to address in the five months they have been in power.

Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) president Maiko Zulu could not be reached for a comment on the matter.  Diffikoti’s phone went unanswered when he was phoned by The Independent Post to say his side of the story.

But another celebrated local singer Saboi Imboela who according to sources is NOT among musicians recording the anti Sata song has in the past few days resorted to social networking sites such Facebook to register her displeasure against President Sata’s government.

“When is our president Micheal Sata going to stop ruling and start governing the country? Im just so tired of the politiking, I want to see some serious governance. And whats up and next after all the re-alignment, amputation, etc of districts and provinces?

“Is this sure the priority or just what is wrong? Im really trying to understand a lot of his moves but I am failing, though my biggest fear is that so far he’s been doing things that show that they were notthought through to the end before announcing so I wonder if there is a proper non-political plan of all these moves,” wrote Imboela on Facebook yesterday.

And responding to one of her fans who asked her not to criticize but to support the PF, Saboi said: “That’s exactly what we are doing (supporting Sata). We are giving him support by criticising him so that he doesn’t land himself and us in a ditch.”

[Source: The Independent Post]

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