Don’t Kubeba: September salaries in but with K100 increment

Don’t Kubeba: September salaries in but with K100 increment

The PF regime has failed to increase the civil servants workers salaries by the much talked about 200 per cent but has instead given police constables K100 increments.

The salaries for September have been put in some civil servants bank accounts but expectant public workers were shocked to discover that they have been insulted with between 4 and 7 per cent increments.

Government announced and has been singing as late as yesterday that a salary pay rise of more than 200 per cent for the lowest paid public worker has been awarded.

The PF also shouted on roof tops that transport and housing allowances would be maintained at 10 and 20 per cent of basic salary, respectively, while notch increments had also been introduced depending on grades.


Sata telling lies during the 2011 polls

Sata telling lies during the 2011 polls

But a check by the Watchdog today has shown that all civil servant s in the health sector are receiving an insult of 7.9% salary increment instead of 200%.

In actual amount, the civil servants have been given K300.

The police are the most disappointed as they have received an increment of between K100 and K200.

One police officer who looked ‘red’ with anger said police constables have been given between K100 and K230 as increment on top of old salaries while sergeants have been given K300 as increment.’

The Watchdog has consistently told the nation that the PF government officials have stolen all the money they found in the coffers and are not able to fund any major projects.

Even the so called link Zambia or other road projects will stall in due course due to lack of money unless some donors pump in cash.

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