Don’t let Amos Chanda flee the country, police advised

Don’t let Amos Chanda flee the country, police advised

By  James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
*RPP President*

Finally Amos has admitted flying out of the country. But instead of Mauritius, he has said he is headed to India to attend to his wife currently on some treatment.

Englishmen said there is no smoke without fire. Yesterday I advised Amos to explain the truth or lies about a flight schedule for him that went viral. He was queried by an online publication called the PUNCH, and he refused to comment. Today he has however, acknowledged that he has a sick wife to see in India this week. Mauritius is on the Indian Ocean.

Let me advise our state security forces to learn and take a leaf from our former ambassador to Zambia in the FTJ regime, Atan Shamsonga, who ran away with all colossal corruption proceeds from the Zambian justice and prosecution, and up to now he has never returned.

The information about Amos dealings with complicated organised international criminals hasnt come from the general public but from the PF themselves that have been posting alot of information regarding Amos suspicious resignation.

I would rather Amos assign other relatives to go and attend to his wife because it’s too risky for the country to let go of a person under public scrutiny for suspected corruption.

His wife has brothers, sisters, causins and even her parents. Amos is not a physician.

Let him stay around until the dust around him is over. The fear we have is that those suspected international criminals as reported in sections of the media that are said to be working and bankrolling him can pick him from any point outside Zambia.

DEC, Zambia Police including our intelligence should thus not be duped into believing the Amos sick wife story. Thousands of prisoners have left behind sick wives and justice as designed doesn’t mostly address issues of sick wives unless during mitigation, before the judge after one has been found guilty.

Just relax ba Amos. No sane Zambian can buy into your sick wife story, especially after the revelation of suspected flight schedule to Mauritius where we know secret criminal offshore accounts are kept by all those looting Africa’s resources for it’s poor people. Mauritius has banks that keeps and secures proceeds of crime for corrupt African leaders.

Amos once told me that am jealous of the political elite like himself. Now the political elite has become flight risk individuals and flying doctors to India.

James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
*RPP President*

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