Don’t let illusory power get to you head, Mwanza advises Amos Chanda

Don’t let illusory power get to you head, Mwanza advises Amos Chanda


By Antonio Mwanza

First let me put it very clearly that it is childish and dangerous for Amos Chanda to assume for himself the role of President Edgar Lungu’s vuvuzela. Amos’s job as State House Press Aide is to communicate policy issues and administrative matters on behalf of the Head of State. His job is not to act as a PF Spokesperson. He is a civil servant a
nd he has to behave as such. He is being paid by taxpayers and not by President Lungu or the PF therefore it is unprofessional and unbecoming for Amos to be speaking on behalf of PF or on behalf of President Lungu’s political matters.

Secondly, we want to retaliate President Edith Nawakwi’s statement that she is not interested to be Lungu’s running mate. In fact as a Party, FDD is not interested in any alliance with Paya Future. Our core objective is to remove this Paya Future Government, eradicate poverty and create wealth for the poor Zambians through a robust program of Decentralisation and devolution of both political and economic power.

Amos should not allow the illusionary powers President Edgar Lungu has given him to go to his head because that illusory power is very temporal. Soon and very soon he will find himself out of State House and he will have to dance to the tune of reality.

President Lungu has been using Amos Chanda as his mop to mop the mess he is creating. Amos has been signing all the letters the presiPresident has been writing involving questionable instructions. Is it that Mr Lungu doesn’t have a hand to sign or isomething it that the President wants ukufwika Amos amala ya mbushi? Amos should be careful or else azafela mbolo yashamwali.

Issued by FDD spokesperson
Antonio Mwanza

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