Don’t overthrow me, Lungu pleads with soldiers

Don’t overthrow me, Lungu pleads with soldiers

Outgoing president Edgar Lungu has appealed to soldiers not to overthrow him.

It is not yet clear what prompted Lungu who is only remaining with 8 months in power to make such a passionate plea to soldiers but it could be that he is worried that soldiers are also not happy with his below average performance in 2015.

Most people have concluded that 2015, the year under Lungu has been the most difficult year in Zambia since independence.

Speaking on Thursday night during the Zambia Army annual ball at Arakan Barracks in Lusaka, President Lungu appealed to soldiers not to take over power illegally or be used by any one else to implement a coup.

“Do not allow yourselves to be used by elements with intentions to get to power through illegal or dubious means. We are a peace-loving nation, hence the need to cherish and uphold this,” he said.

Lungu said the role of the army this year would be crucial. “I wish to remind you that the New Year will be crucial as we hold the general elections.

2015 has been a real bad year for Zambia and one blogger calling himself Kwabulozi summarised it as follows;

PF Horror Show 2015

1. Collapse of kwacha with 100% depreciation.
2. Collapse of mining sector and massive job losses.
3. Inflation reaches 21%.
4. Almost all basic commodities double. Mealie meal approaches K95 in some cases.
5. External approaches $7 billion or about $500 per head.
6. Debt to GDP ratio crosses the 50% barrier.
7. Massive budget deficits.
8. Mining firms still unpaid up to $600 million on VAT refunds.
9. Loadshedding becomes an Apocalytic Mad Max Nighmare.
10. Fertiliser costing K450 per bag.
11. Voucher system a dismal failure.
12. Endemic political violence sponsored by PF.
13. Edgar wastes $300,000 to ferry dancing queens to New York.
14. Waste of milllions to buy satellite phones.
15. Another useless constitution process ends in waste of millions.
16. $20 million to be wasted on a church to please corrupt clergy like Joshua Banda and Pukuta Mwanza.
17. Etc.

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