Don’t praise yourself for helping one citizen, Lungu told

Don’t praise yourself for helping one citizen, Lungu told


Praising your gesture of helping Chama Musonda is like thanking your father for paying rent, buying food or school requirements when it is supposed to be his responsibility.

If I was ECL’S handler, I would have advised him to do such quietly especially that his GOVERNMENT from 2016 has been on a marathon of “ground BREAKING” health institutions building some halfway while those that are operational lack basic necessities not to talk about staff and medication.

This kind of kneejerk reactions from situations especially from a head of state in my view is nauseating especially that it was brought to his attention by social media postings when he has his leaders all over who could have either helped (because most of them are richer than government and are busy dishing out money in the hope of getting adopted) or silently tell him.

To me, this makes a sad reading and leaves a lot of questions.

How many are agonising in sickness without help just hoping that “social media ” will come to their help?

When will government and it’s leaders learn that the health system and many other service delivery institutions are in tatters?

I pray for Chama Musonda and the family because I feel their anguish.

I experienced it with my own daughter between 2013 and 2015 who had nephroblastoma/ Wilm’s Tumor (cancer of the kidney).

As I speak my daughter (now 10yrs) lives on one kidney and has continued going for reviews just to ascertain that it does not recur.

Concerned citizen

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